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November 2009

Perak’s Heritage is Sinking Fast

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Perak Heritage Society
theStar today
highlights the dangerous tilt of
the dredge TT5 in Tanjong Tualang,
“Perak’s heritage dredge”.
Now, national interest is piqued.
As the pontoon which floats the dredge is leaking,
its private management company is 
experiencing maintenance and financial problems.
As a result, TT5 may simply fall over.
It threatens to collapse into a twisted mess of steel. 
 That’s complete destruction of this industrial heritage! 
 Come learn about the history of TT5 and
the unpublished fact on the dredge’s deterioration and
the hands which failed.
Mr Stephen Ng, manager ofTT5,
will be present at our briefing to answer your questions.
can anyone else come along?
Do invite members of PHS you are in touch with.
who else?
Anyone who has an interest in saving the dredge

for its significance to Perak heritage.
Non-members and heritage-friendly people are welcome.
how to spread the news?
 Circulate this NOTICE with discretion.
 The PHS Office has a limited seating capacity of 30.
For RSVP: see below. 

Saturday, Nov 7, 2009: 2.30 pm
PHS Office
 85C Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, Ipoh (opposite the Syuen)
If you wish to but cannot attend the briefing,
please SMS or email me with your messages of support.
Thank you for supporting Perak Heritage Society. 
Law Siak Hong

Photographer Risks Life and Limb in Ipoh

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Well he would be in danger if he was to try and take the same photograph today as he was standing in the centre of the Birch Bridge in Brewster Road, but of course in 1952 life was different in Ipoh, Brewster Road took two-way traffic and as you can see the road is almost empty. Compare that to today if you will.

But as you can see, despite the fact that the photograph has suffered with age, there were so many trees, big trees not some miniatures, overtrimmed, dusty and dry that we are so used to today. Also, some of today’s buildings have not yet been built and the Odeon Theatre stands out in the distance.

Incidentally, the Odeon Theatre in Ipoh seated 850 on its main floor and in the balcony and was built in the 1930’s. Triangular in shape it is adjacent to St Michael’s Cemetery and like the Rex Theatre, Ipoh, rumours of ghostly happenings, spooks and terrifying visions abound. One popular rumour was that if you ever took off your shoes inside, you would never find them when the light came on – even if nobody had sat in front, behind or next to you.

The theatre closed in 1986 and several nightclubs have tried to make a success of it but either because of bad ‘feng shui’ or the ghosts, they have all failed. Today it stands as a marker of failure and ready for demolition unless some serious entrepreneur is prepared to try and change the building’s luck.

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