Rare Gems in Ipoh…

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You don’t see beauties like these anymore! Houses like these are hard to come by; the few that are left either go through EXTREME renovations, or they just end up being torn down and a modern structure replaces them.



A little patching up here, some painting over there – and there you have it! A nice cosy abode for the family 🙂 . Incidentally, these houses are almost all that remain in Ipoh of the dozens designed and built by the well known architect C H LaBrooy . They stand behind the shops in LaBrooy Road which at one time was lined on both side by houses of similar, LaBrooy, design. Now there are only these three left. We are gratefull to the LaBrooy family , for the assistance they have given us with their family photographs and information about thise old days when they lived at Dulcieville Lane – where Parkson Ipoh Parade is now.

Anyone lived in such a house before? Do share your memories with us….