Horror of Horrors!

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We’ve come to know of an incident involving soldiers and poaching (from Perak News).

The news thus far claims that there’s been “…a photo posted on the Facebook profile of a Malaysian soldier who proudly (shamelessly) poses with his fellow soldier friends, with a Rhinoceros Hornbill which looks like it has just been slaughtered.”   It is said that an anonymous source stumbled onto this Facebook Profile and alerted Perak News (the Source was said to be someone who was involved in “various conservation activities” in the country. More can be read at the Perak News website from which this photo was taken.

According to the website, the photo was allegedly taken in Belum Forest. Regardless of WHERE it was taken, the very thought of hunting a protected species is appalling!

Has anyone out there heard MORE about this shocking news? Has any action been taken with regards to this incident? We await for your feedback and updates! (It also wouldn’t hurt to spread the news too!)