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  1. AP@IpohBornKid says:

    Hi Mano – Vauxhall Cresa/Velox in he the 1950s had 4 doors. The wide body suggests either a Yank Tank (Studebaker)or a Borgward Isabella coupe (German Tank). The sccoter is a Lambretta (Italian Job, as opposed to its rival, the Vespa, which had a rounded bum.

  2. Mano says:

    Hi AP, perhaps not a Vauxhall but I think it’s not big enough to be a Yank tank. Borgwards had slab sides unlike the accentuated flanks in the picture. The Isabella Coupe had a waistline similar to the Triumph Spitfire whilst this is straight. Anyway, let’s look into it further to determine the make and model, shall we?

  3. am says:

    “SELL ICE” …this shop selling big ice cubes have been in business for a long time. I think it only stop doing this business 15 years ago. Those days it only cost 5 cent for a rectangular shape (6 by 3 inches)and 10 cents for a big square shape ice cube. The man have to use a saw to saw off the ice cubes from giant size cubes . They use sawdust to keep the ice cubes from melting and no freezer.

  4. AP@IpohBornKid says:

    Hi Mano – I think you are right about it. Vauxhall is probably a UK made Yank Tank (like General Motors for Holden in Australia and Opel in Germany). I can’t recall seeing this car in Ipoh, probably it is not as popular as the sedans /http://www.flickr.com/photos/50415738@N04/6997637724/

  5. felicia says:

    ok, someone says it’s opposite the Ruby Theatre. another one says its opposite SK Tan clinic (near Brewster Cafe).
    anyone else care to try?

    thanks to the rest of you who’ve responded….your insights on the car more or less matches with the year this picture was taken.

    ps: AM, is this ice-shop still there?

  6. melody says:

    turn in from brewster road ,its on the left hand side.this old building was demolished and a new Sun Kong Ah was built in 1971.In early 70s they used to sell one of the best roast piglet in town.There were two brothers that ran the Food stall and it was known as The Lee brothers.They were both master chefs

  7. Alan y says:

    If the ruby theater is on this road, then after the brewster road turn is leong sin nam street, where melody n I had brought up the wad dan fun store at lsn n cowan st. Going towards ruby there used to be a lane which was next to another coffee shop. Excellent nyonya kueh. My favorite were the green balls with gula melaka n cocunut flakes. there were 3 cienemas within a block, lido, Cathay n ruby. the famous leong fu was further up before Ipoh gh, coronation park n Anderson school.

  8. Valiant Knight@UV says:

    Anderson Road. I agree with Melody. As you turn in from Brewter Road (Jalan Sultan Idris Shah), now a one-way street, you need to do a left turn. This row of shops with Kong Ah Restaurant has a Clinic too much later. At the end, there is another coffee shop and on the lane there used to be lots of hawkers selling foodstuff, most famous being Nyonya kueh and thong sui.

  9. Mano says:

    Alan y, I think that particular kueh nonya you are referring to is ‘Buah Melaka’ and just like the three cinemas within the block, they came in three as well usually in a cone made from banana leaf.

  10. alan y says:

    Mano, I think it was onday onday, the green balls, gula melaka, n coconut flakes on the o/s. do remember the three colored kueh wrapped in banana leaf. Last few occasions of being in a nyonya buffett in sin, was too stuffed with the main dishes to even try the desserts! so it probably has been over 40 yrs.
    Mano, brother Mahdi?
    rgds, al

  11. Mano says:

    Sorry, Alan y, can’t recall those three coloured kueh you mention. Nevertheless, with the disappearance of the ‘kanda’ carrying Indian men, I’ve never ever found kueh as tasty anywhere else since.
    No, I’m not Mahdi’s brother.

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