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…what the Isis Theatre looked like? My generation have most likely never heard of this cinema hall. We’re more familiar with it’s ‘new’ name – Rex! Yes, for those of you who don’t already know, Isis was renamed Rex when the Shaw Brothers renovated it 😉

  1. HomesickforIpoh says:

    Ah, with the now bigger picture of the Chinese characters, it
    confirms that the Chinese name for Isis theatre is “Yat Lork”
    just as I have mentioned in another blog of Ipohworld.

    The Chinese name for Rex is “lei see”.

    I wonder how much of the building was demolished to rebuild
    it as Rex. Rex is definitely taller than Isis.

    Perhaps Shaw Brothers took away the side columns (pillars)
    of the corridor and thus the corridor is just a walkway
    the way Rex is as it stands. Infact, the whole corridor
    section of the building was demolished for the new image
    as Rex.

    Looks like the front 3 columns were intact and they added
    windows to the upstairs lobby.

    Since Isis was long before my time and that I had never
    been inside, my imagination with an architectural
    background is the the entire interior was gutted when Shaw
    put up Rex.

    Or maybe I am totally wrong in my assumption as perhaps
    Shaw might have demolished the whole Isis building to put
    up Rex.

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