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February 2013

The Kampar Factory

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Some time back, we featured a family photo with a factory in the background. This is a close up of the said factory – the Weng Heng Aerated Water Factory in Kampar.

aerated water

We thank Lam Yuen Li for this photo. Those from Kampar, do you have any idea if this factory is still in operation? If not, as it been taken over by another company?

One Sunny Day…

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We received this from Stephanie Keenan. She thinks this was taken around 1962/63. She also pointed out the banner hung across the street (where the words appear in reverse). Apparently, the banner is said to be advertising a film. Can anyone tell us what’s written on the banner?

Does anyone recognise the street? Could this be somewhere in Ipoh?

…at the corner of Brewster Road and Cockman Street…

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Eastern Hotel, Ipoh

Special thanks to Ruth Rollitt for the one – yes, you read it right….this is none other than the Eastern Hotel. This was taken in the 1940s; according the Ruth, he father (Danish architect B M Iversen) had an office here. Today, the facade seems so different – and the hotel is now known as D’Eastern Hotel (last I checked)!

CNY Fashion – Ipoh Girls

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pic003 copy 2

I’m making a rough guess and stating that this picture is from the 1960s (if I’m wrong, let me know). I found the designs of these cheongsams quite interesting. Personally, I’ve tried looking around for a simple one at the malls…..and found that the ones sold are rather costly (especially since they are embroidered or have some elaborate bead-work). πŸ™

I wonder, how much did a cheongsam cost back then? Were they sold at malls…or did you have to get them tailor-made?

Finished Today, Ipoh’s Latest Artwork

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Mural 1 Mural 2 Mural 3 Mural 4

Well folkjs they were promised for the New Year and here they are, the last brush strokes being co,pleted just a few hours ago. They may be found between Hugh Low and Hume Streets across the road from Β the multicoloured shophouses in Hugh Low Street. Maybe this picture will give you a better idea of location.

Mural 5

We thank Charlie Choong for keeping his finger on the pulse and alerting us to these.


Can You See It?

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Ipoh building 4

See that little circle below the arch? If you look closely, you can make out the Freemason symbol. This was probably one of the buildings used by the masons before a permanent one was built (along Tiger Lane, next to the Royal Perak Golf Club). Last I checked, the building was still there….but I didn’t take notice of the symbol. I do wonder: is it still in place or has it been removed?

Another Puzzle for YOU!

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Ipoh street scene 2

In one of our previous blogs, a place which we thought was Ipoh turned out to be Tanah Rata/Camerons instead. Well, to our Experts out there, where do you think this place (picture above) is? Ipoh? Another town in Perak? Perhaps another state altogether? πŸ˜‰

What It Used To Be…

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This is what the above Ipoh street looked like back in the 70s. Yes, all of you know this one…..as well as what is at both ends of the street! πŸ™‚ Today with all the heavy traffic, it’s not easy to get such a nice photo of this same location…..unless it’s early in the morning or during a public holiday πŸ˜‰

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