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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

March 2013

Home Guard on Parade

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We thank Ong Kor Leong for sharing this photograph with us. Yes, this is indeed the Home Guard – set up by the (then) Government of British Malaya in countering the threat of Communist Terrorists. Once the threat of the CTs lessened, the Home Guard was eventually disbanded and the Malayan Territorial Army took its place. The Malayan Territorial Army was later renamed Askar Wataniah.

A Former CPM Heroine Passes Away

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Suriani Abdullah, a well-known leader of the outlawed Communist Party of Malaya (CPM), died peacefully at 6am today at her home in Narathiwat, Thailand, after battling ill health for almost five years.

Suriani was born in 1924 as Eng Ming Ching, in Setiawan, Perak, and joined the underground CPM in 1940 at the age of 16.

She was then actively involved in organising women workers in the Kinta Valley and later participated in the anti-fascist guerrilla, the Malayan People’s Anti-Japanese Army (MPAJA).

She studied at the Nan Hwa High School in Setiawan together with CPM secretary-general Chin Peng and in 1975, became an elected member of the CPM’s central committee member.

More can be read at http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/224537

Do You Remember…

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…what the Isis Theatre looked like? My generation have most likely never heard of this cinema hall. We’re more familiar with it’s ‘new’ name – Rex! Yes, for those of you who don’t already know, Isis was renamed Rex when the Shaw Brothers renovated it 😉

Which Corner is This?

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Based on feedback from our previous blog posts, we know some of our Readers know Ipoh SO WELL that they give us such detailed answers for every question we throw at them! Thank you for all the feedback and encouragement 🙂

Here’s yet another puzzle for you – do you know which street corner this is? I don’t recall seeing such a large shady tree anywhere along the main road of Ipoh today. Perhaps the building will give you some clue(s).

Earth-Hour Ideas!

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EH@ECPoster Sm

Want to do something different this year for Earth Hour? How about joining this fund-raising event?  (click poster above to enlarge)

Part of the proceeds of the ticket sales will be donated to the WWF-Malaysia. Your generous contribution will also pay for 40 underprivileged children from various charitable organisations – who will be able to participate in 6 “adrenaline-pumping zip line rides”.

For more information, do call Nomad Adventure  at 03-79585152 or email them event@nomadadventure.com

Employment Vacancy

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We are currently planning to run an exhibition called “A Mining Family” at Falim House. This is not about one family, but an amalgam of more than 200 photographs and a large number of artifacts that show the lifestyle and labours  of several of Ipoh’s Mining Towkays. The exhibition is targeted to open on 1st May 2013 and run for at least three months. Entrance will be FOC. We then hope to move to new, permanent premises where more exhibitions will run in what will be known as a Heritage Centre.

Clearly in the longer term we will need several extra permanent staff, but for the Falim House show we simply need an Assistant Exhibition Manager who we hope will advance to Manager of the new heritage centre.

Applicants should have an interest in heritage and must be competent to converse in both English and Malay. The ability to speak Mandarin/Cantonese would be an advantage. Own transport will be required to get to Falim. Any relevant experience will be taken into account. Salary is negotiable.

Should you be interested in this position you may apply by sending your Resume/CV and photograph to us at info@ipohworld.org. You should indicate your expected remuneration. We will respond to all applications advising whether we wish to call you for interview or not.

Closing date for applications is Saturday 30th March 2013.-

We look forward to hearing from you.



“Long Live the Queen”

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This arch was put up by the Perak Chinese Celebration Committee (you can vaguely make out the fine print if you zoom in).

Today, there’s still an arch above Brewster Road (roughly the same location as the above picture states). I wonder who decorates it now? Does the Celebration Committee still exist?

Ipoh’s First Waiters’ Race

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ScreenHunter_09 Mar. 08 22.35


Despite Ipoh’s long romance with all things food-related and the abundance of hotels, restaurants and clubs in town, Ipoh has never before taken part in the international tradition of the waiters’ race. On the 25th of May 2013, that is about to change.

Organised jointly by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), Perak Tourism Association (PTA), Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Perak Chapter, and the International Waiters’ Race Agency, Ipoh will be hosting its first International Waiters’ Race in D.R. Seenivasagam Park.

The Waiters’ Race (www.waitersrace.com) is a tradition originating in France, created to exhibit the skills of the famous French garcons by challenging them to race a street course while balancing a tray of beverages on the palm of one hand.

The earliest photographs of a Waiters’ Race were taken in the London Race of 1901, but the French roots of the race are over a century old.

Today, Waiters’ Races are held all over the world, including several held in Malaysia in the past. This is, however, the first time one will be held in Perak.

Demonstrations of ice-carving, flower-arranging, food-carving and a barista competition in coffee decoration will be held, along with a mini-treasure hunt, children’s race, parade of Perak school bands, and cheerleader demonstration for younger participants.

Over one hundred waiters and waitresses from Perak’s favourite eateries will be running the 1 ½ kilometer course through the park in three different races.

Visiting participants will be included from Ipoh’s sister city in Japan, Fukuoka, and Ipoh’s “friendship cities” Medan, Pusan, Hangzhou and Guangzhou.

Each runner will attempt to gain the fastest time while balancing their tray on one hand, without spilling any items. Running alone is worthless; winners have to arrive with a full tray or close to it.

The first race will be a Full Service Waiters’ Race where competitors run in traditional waiters’ attire over a challenging course including the steps leading to the bridge and a turn through the Japanese Garden.

The Quick Service Waiters’ Race will include hotel students as well as professionals and allow running shoes. Both races are open to men and women, prizes to be given separately to the best gentleman and best lady.

The third race will be an Amateurs’ mixed relay with teams comprising two men and two women each, dress code open to any attire.

Organizers hope to make this an annual event, celebrating Ipoh’s waiters, waitresses and culinary heritage for locals and tourists alike.

ScreenHunter_10 Mar. 08 22.36

An Exhibition NOT to be Missed!

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In June/July 2012, twenty students from University Malaya and the National University of Singapore embarked on a two-week long learning journey…of IPOH!

Their discoveries prompted this much awaited publication – Familiar Spaces, Untold Stories; Encounters with Ipoh – as well as an exhibition. To know more, do visit this exhibition at: Gallery Lim Ko Pi, No.10 Jalan Sultan Iskandar (Hugh Low Street), Ipoh. This exhibition will run from 26th February – 10th March 2013; opened daily (except Mondays) from 12.30pm – 4.30pm.

In & Around Ipoh Town

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Here’s a nice one from a family album. We thank Alexander for this gem. According to him, the girl (standing) is his grandmother Madam Ursula. Behind her are her parents Mr Arokiasamy and Mrs Iruthayamary. The little one on the car is Ursula’s sister Kolanda Theresa. Incidentally, Mr Arokiasamy was involved in the textile & liquor business.

Anyone else have similar memories of their childhood to share? We’d love to hear from you 🙂

Walking Around Ipoh Town

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Try not to be distracted with the pretty ladies 😉 We’d like to draw your attention instead to the large sign on the far left of the picture. It seems to be an advertisement for a cinema. Any idea which cinema this is?

We thank Keith Nelson for this photo (we believe he may be one of the 4 gentlemen walking behind the ladies 🙂

Sneak Preview – Ipohgal’s New Book!

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Book order-edited


We’re pleased to announce that one of Readers – Ipohgal – is coming up with a book. Here’s how she describes it:


It all started two years ago when Commander Ian Anderson from Ipohworld’s World invited me to contribute some stories to “Ipoh, My Home Town,” a book on growing up in Ipoh. I sent in five stories. All were accepted and published.

The responses I received from his readers were simply awe-inspiring.

This in turn gave me the idea to compile the rest of my short stories into a book called “The Story of a Scissors Sharpener’s Daughter.” The purpose of compiling this book is to give my readers an insight into the lives of a family in the 1960s and 1970s in this tin-mining city. It is not the story of a rich family but a resilient and humble one. You can say mine is a story of the voiceless and the faceless in a city known as “City of the Millionaires.

Compiling this book has turned me from a blogger to a writer. It was a journey of faith and courage. Of course there were trials and tribulations as I went along. Time constraints and financial limitations were always there but I persevered because this is a story that I really want to share and not keep in the closet of my heart.

I relied heavily on memories of my childhood days that somehow stayed so vividly in the deepest recess of my mind despite the passage of time. Before my parents passed on, they always used to reminisce how tough it was for the family and these were some of the stories that I have included too in this book.

Lastly, I would like to thank my wonderful family, friends and relatives for their patience and encouragement. Without their valuable support this book would not have come to fruition. I am glad to see this book, my first endeavor, is finally here before our eyes.

To place your order please visit:


and also for more details visit:


Where Is It?

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We’d like to thank Keith Nelson for this photo. Does anyone know where this place is? Could it be Ipoh or somewhere in Perak? Or, could it be another state altogether?


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