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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

photo 2No prizes for guessing what this man is up to!

photo 3I’m sure some of you are already salivating at this picture. Yes, folks…this is the one and only Cendol! Perhaps not the most famous one in Ipoh, but this stall is quite popular – judging by the crowd (see below).

photo 4

What we’d like to know is: WHERE in Ipoh can you find the best Cendol?

  1. mengfai says:

    The cendol stall is right in front of Mobil petrol station at Jalan Bercham and it opens in the afternoon at about 1.30pm. His cendol is definitely one of the best in town!

  2. S.Y. Lee says:

    From the picture, this photo must be during the later part. The chendol in just outside the Ipoh Padang was very good and cheap! It was always next to the rojak stall. The rojak stall also sells mee rebus and mee gorent. It was delicious and cheap. The other day, I went to the coffee shop opposite the Ipoh Padang along Jalan Sambanthan. The man fried mee goreng. You can also get mee rebus and rojak. A few doors away, there is another stall. I understand this the cook is the brother of the other one. The cost of a plate of a plate of mee goreng is now RM4.50. You can also have your chendol in air-cond. comfort but it will costs you much more than previously.

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