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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


These two cars were at Falim House when it was sold.

But the owners gave them to the caretaker – as part of his retrenchment package rather than selling them with the house.

We do not know which of the Foo family they belonged to but we believe the oldest one was actually owned by Foo Nyit Tse. (We might be wrong!)

The caretaker put them up for sale at a very high price, but as far as we know there were no buyers.

Does anyone know where the care are now?


IMG_2146 IMG_2148

    • ika says:

      Wow, has the car been restored and did you get a photo? I would have loved to have bought and restored the car but the overall cost was such that there was no way I could afford it.

      Any idea on what happened to the second one?

  1. ika says:

    Mano. I am told by another enthusiast that the one on the left is the Fiat (possibly a 502) and the one on the right is 1946 Ford Anglia. Would you like to do some research and let is know whether this is correct?

  2. Mano says:

    The one on the right is indeed a 1946 Ford Anglia but it’s the Fiat Balilla 508 cabriolet from 1935 on the left. The stylised writing seen on the grille is ‘Balilla’.

  3. Charlie says:

    The Fiat model is “Ardita 2000”. Cannot find much details on this vehicle. Maybe someone knows more about it.

  4. Mano says:

    I’ve stuck my foot in my mouth!
    My apologies, Charlie, the stylised writing was not too clear. Besides, I was not aware of the Ardita. The difference is not much though. For instance, the Ardita had a single front bumper whilst the Balilla had two; left and right. The writing on the grille is definitely Ardita. I stand corrected…mmm..foot…yumm!

  5. Mano says:

    Ika, after some poking around the ‘web’ I can safely conclude that this is the Fiat Ardita 518C Torpedo. The Ardita 2000 is a hard top saloon whereas the Torpedo is a four door soft top with it’s spare wheel located on it’s running board. It would be worth a try to see if Fiat could furnish the details and perhaps provide some assistance in it’s restoration.

    • syed says:

      My friend bought the Ford from the care taker for RM 15000. The car is now in KL. He has not decided on the fate of the car.

      The Fiat has been restored but not up to the mark. Apparently it is up for sale again and the owner is asking RM 300,000 for it.

  6. Mano says:

    Syed, thank you so much for the update. Always wondered what became of the two ‘friends’.
    Thank you, Ipoh Remembered, for broaching this subject again!

  7. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia and ika

    The car on the right does look like a 1946 Ford Anglia. A number of these were imported into car-starved Malaya immediately after the war. I’ve sent in a photograph you can include in the database if you wish. It was taken in Singapore in early 1946: Anglias were popular among taxi-drivers.

    As I don’t have an e-mail address for Mano, please feel free to forward the JPEG file to him as well — and, of course, to anyone else who wants it.

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