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The photo on the left was taken back in the 1940s, showing St Joseph School in Batu Gajah. The one on the right was taken from the Star Metro (dated 4 November 2017). This building was built as early as 1928, believe it or not. According to Star Metro, efforts are underway to restore this place…and hopefully gain Heritage Status! (Read the article here).

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    On the general subject of schools in Batu Gajah I don’t know much, but I do remember there was one school in particular that became the subject of a very public brawl between Ed Brewster (District Officer, Kinta) and Joshua Parry (Anglican pastor), both of whom lived in BG at the time.[*]

    In his private capacity, Brewster was in charge of the church’s endowment fund. At the time, there was no Anglican school in BG, so when a local English school (for some reason) required new management, Parry and other church officials immediately expressed interest in taking it over. Brewster was given the task of negotiating the acquisition of the school — and yet, somehow, it was the Catholic Brothers who were invited to run it! As you can imagine, the Anglicans (other than Ed Brewster) were livid (in the most Christian way possible, of course).

    Beyond that I don’t recall the details and I will try to remember — but meanwhile, do you know if the school you’re talking about might have earlier been the subject of that dispute? (The brawl I mentioned took place in 1910 or thereabouts, so perhaps it involved some other school.)


    * Although he did not live in Ipoh, Reverend Parry was in charge of the town’s Anglican congregation. In fact, as noted in database item 4107, he was among those responsible for the construction and consecration of St. John the Divine in 1912. (On the other hand, some people who contributed a good deal to the church in its early years appear not to be acknowledged in the database.)

    • felicia says:

      “On the other hand, some people who contributed a good deal to the church in its early years appear not to be acknowledged in the database.”

      Ipoh Remembered, the history of St John’s was provided by the church themselves some time ago, along with the early photographs (some of which were badly damaged and we tried to restore them as best as we could with the help of Photoshop). If you do know more about the history, we welcome your input.

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