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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


Here’s another one from the Yeoh Family album. I know…it’s a funeral procession (no, we’re not feeling morbid today). What caught my eye was the signboard on the extreme right – ANY Co Gift House. I’ve certainly never heard of it (perhaps too young to remember… 😉 ). Do any of YOU remember this shop?

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    The street is Brewster Road, of course, with the Ipoh Club in the background.

    As for the funeral: it is shown here also:


    where ika says:

    Also, hopefully, the ANY Co might have lasted for a few years to make it easier for some of our readers to tell us about it. We live in hope.

    In fact, I doubt many people remember the shop. It was established after the Second World War and sold what we might call imported luxury goods. As far as I can recall, it was not overly impressive and remained in business for a short time only.

    Side note: The shop immediately next door, not visible in the photograph, was much more auspicious: it is where Cycle & Carriage opened their first premises outside KL — but this was much earlier, in 1906, very shortly after these shops and this part of Brewster Road were built. (I’ve mentioned all this before so readers will have to pardon the repetition.)

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