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  1. sk says:

    Yes, we were excited when it appeared in early 60’s. We were using charcoal & Kerosene & when it came with the advertisement stating it was smokeless, we were quite exhilarated as charcoal or kerosene leave stained on the wooden or cement wall. If I can remember we paid $ 14.00 but I heard someone said she paid $ 8.00 for a cylinder. Shell was the only known brand then. Esso, Mobil & BP came later. I think there were lesser in weight & cheaper. Sad to to say, Shellane is out of the shelf today & unheard of.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Yes, Shellane was introduced by Shell in the early ’60s. At first the company sold stoves, ovens, and other gas-powered appliances along with the gas cylinders but soon the sale of appliances was dropped.

    And, of course, sk is right about the price, too: $14-$15 for a cylinder that could be used for about 100 hours of cooking, or roughly a month for a family of four.

    One complication was that the user never knew for sure how much gas (or rather, how much liquid butane) was in the cylinder. You could guess at the amount, but another common strategy was to have a spare cylinder in a store-room or closet.

    In Ipoh the sole agent for the first few years was badminton star Tan Cheng Phor’s Radio & General on Brewster Road.

  3. sk says:

    Hi Ipoh Remembered – Badminton Star Tan Cheng Phor ? Strange . I have not heard of him but his son Tan Jin Eong, yes.
    Managed to get this from the net.

    Tan Cheng Phor (Perak badminton champion) who beat Tan Boon Piew (Penang champion) in Ipoh recently.
    Malaya Tribune, 21 November 1934, Page 20

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