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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

…in Taiping. These were taken by Percival Moss, a tailor who sewed uniforms for the Malay States Guides and other military organisations. We thank his grandson Bernard for sharing them with us. We estimate the date to be early 1900s.

  1. sk says:

    Quite an interesting pictures on Taiping. Cant remember the building structure on the 1st picture on the left. The overhanging street lamp in the middle of the road reminds of one such lamp in old Town in Ipoh or in Penang many years ago. Cant see if the cart is cow/horse driven or motor driven
    The second picture on the right of Taiping clock tower. There was a chicken on the foreground. It must have void of motorised traffic that poultry was kept around the town centre.
    Comparing the Taiping Clock Tower with this 3 D link https://www.timothytye.com/malaysia/perak/taiping/taiping-clocktower.htm
    the structure hasnt changed much since 1881.
    There is a fire hydrant on the left of the Clock Tower but cant be seen in the 1900 picture.Wonder when they build the structure, was the fire hydrant in their original blueprint.

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