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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

It’s the day after Christmas or as its better known in the west, Boxing Day. After going through our presents this year, we found this interesting set which didn’t come with any figures. Part of the wild west set of toys, have you played with one of these before? Do let us know…

  1. sk says:

    Nope. This is more Americanised. What I had was Lego set & building Material iron plates to build a crane, Tractor or a Train Set
    which ran in circles.:)

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear Christopher

      The Sheriff Will See You Now…

      But what if I don’t want to see the sheriff?!

      Anyway, looking at details in the photograph I tried — but failed — to figure out if the toy set was meant to allude to some real event that took place in the Wild West (such as the so-called “Gunfight at the O. K. Corral”).


      Dear sk

      Your building materials may have been a Meccano set.

    • ika says:

      This toy was used in Ipoh by a young man who now resides with his own grown-up family in KL. It was made in Hong Kong and probably bought in one of Ipoh’s famous toy shops.

  2. sk says:

    Hi Ipoh Remembered – Mecanno Sets ? I googled and it just might be. But mine was not plastic but metal. Plastic was not widely used then in 60s. Thanks for info. I cant remember the made. Yes you could be right.

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear sk

    The “Meccano” name has been around for more than a century. Yes, the original sets were made of metal: tinplate at first, and later brass and nickel-plated steel.

    I don’t know what today’s sets are made of but, with so many advances in materials science, I imagine all sorts of plastics and composites are available to the manufacturer.

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