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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

January 2019

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

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15 Clarke Street is looking for someone to set up: 1. Food & Beverage counter and 2. Marketplace for Social Goods. We charge very low space rental or even zero rental for certain social enterprises. Please leave your messages at WhatsApp 019-5730536 and expect a call from us.

Somewhere in Ipoh…

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Thanks to Ipoh Remembered, we have the above photo to keep you entertained this weekend.

Some of you may have already guessed WHERE this place is. Can you also guess the year?

And just for fun, we’ll let Ipoh Remembered keep tally of your score….. 😉

No ‘hanky-panky’ here….

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..Besides their intended use, they could be used for cleaning equipment, polishing shoes, cleaning hands and face, signalling for attention, as a sweat band, neckerchief, as protection from dust inhalation, to repair footwear, cut out pieces to patch clothes, cut up as emergency firearms cleaning patches, Molotov cocktail wick (fire-bomb), hot cooking utensil holder, a makeshift bandage, tourniquet, or arm sling...” – Wikipedia

Were you one of those ladies/gentlemen who used handkerchiefs? Do you still use them? Is your preferred handkerchief as fancy as the one in the picture (below)?

MORE school tales…

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Special thanks to SK and Ooi Kean Chye for these photos. On the left is NTPS Pasir Puteh back in 1962, on the right is the same school today (2019).

SK also shared with us: “In the 1962 picture, in between the buildings in the middle was where we took our pictures. On the left of the picture was the School Lavatory, then School Tuck  Shop. We used to hang around the Tuck Shop….The school field  on the further left had gone & replaced by double storey classes. The Headmaster residents, the Day Teacher’s Centre, The Dental Clinic on the left all gone“.

Back to School!

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picture courtesy of SK

Students from NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh are probably grinning at the screen now. As for the former students…has the school changed much over the years? Maybe some of you have old photos of the building back then…do share them with us.

On that note, how many of you remember YOUR first day at school? Was it exciting? Scary? Did it end in tears? Did you make friends with everyone? Or…maybe you preferred to sit in the corner of the classroom with your head down? Do share some of your “First Day at School” stories with us 🙂

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