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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

picture courtesy of SK

Students from NTPS Jalan Pasir Puteh are probably grinning at the screen now. As for the former students…has the school changed much over the years? Maybe some of you have old photos of the building back then…do share them with us.

On that note, how many of you remember YOUR first day at school? Was it exciting? Scary? Did it end in tears? Did you make friends with everyone? Or…maybe you preferred to sit in the corner of the classroom with your head down? Do share some of your “First Day at School” stories with us 🙂

  1. sk says:

    Yes, it was my Primary School. Sad to say the Primary School Status has gone. It its a Secondary School now. The building structure has changed. On the extreme right just above the the Yellow signboard, I would say the original structure where it housed our Std Six classes and the classes for the deaf & dumb ( info provided by Mano) still stands as of today.In this picture, in the middle, just behind the blue box, Mano described how he fell from the Monkey Bar in one of his banter. There were swings there too. Just below the curved roof, that would be where we did or class photo shoot. Just below the flags would be our school tuck shop The spot where the 3 storied building was, was the school field & the Head Master’s reident. The picture can be found in Mano’s & Zahar’s contribution in Ipohworld. I have a collage of the then & now picture of this school. Have a good New Year 2019 recalling your primary school days Bonjour.

  2. sk says:

    I remember when I was in Std 1 class( which was not shown here or has been demolished & rebuilt ) – on my first day at school, as soon as the school bell rang to end the morning session, , I pushed open the class door & rushed up to hug my sarong clad Mom , who was waiting outside . I would really be psychologically traumatized had she not been there. So reader, love your mom or remember her always.

  3. Mano says:

    What strikes me in this photo is the congestion!
    The sports field is no more. There is a three or four storey monstrosity instead. I assume the field was sacrificed as there is, hopefully, the field in the adjacent Malay School to be shared. For the occasional school sporting activities perhaps. Back during our time, the field where that building stands was a hive of activity in the morning before school, during recess and after school whilst waiting to be picked up for home. Heck, all we needed was one well worn tennis ball to keep fifty of us running all over that field shouting and screaming!
    Sadly, already kids these days live in housing estates fenced in in their homes. Lucky if there is a playground in their vicinity. This lack of space and open air puts a ceiling to their thoughts!

  4. SK says:

    Yes Mano, you are right. The Malay School , not visble here but in another shot. The school field now is now in the Malay School field. The Malay school also no more. Now its Majlis Sukan Malaysia. I remebered some boys throwing Boomerangs in the Malay School field.

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