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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

Special thanks to SK and Ooi Kean Chye for these photos. On the left is NTPS Pasir Puteh back in 1962, on the right is the same school today (2019).

SK also shared with us: “In the 1962 picture, in between the buildings in the middle was where we took our pictures. On the left of the picture was the School Lavatory, then School Tuck  Shop. We used to hang around the Tuck Shop….The school field  on the further left had gone & replaced by double storey classes. The Headmaster residents, the Day Teacher’s Centre, The Dental Clinic on the left all gone“.

  1. sk says:

    Thank you Ipohworld for putting this up as well as in Facebook.. At the 1962 picture, Mano would be interested the the Model of the Bus at the extreme right of the left picture. In one of his posting, he sat on a bus. Wonder if it was this bus. I dont remember NTPS-JPP having a bus when I was there. Maybe too young to know. What I know was a Van would take us to a Dental Hospital to have our teeth checked. Whenever the van came, it sends shivers to our spine. If the middle 2 trees have not been cut, that means the tree is at about 60 years old! On the left picture, my Std One Class was there on the left building From the right picture, which is now, it seems part of the land has been taken over by the next school . Note the green fencing. On the right picture, there was one big building right at the back. That is the current Sam Choy Chinese School. During the 60s, Sam Choy had only a single storey building.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Nice comparison, felicia!

    Thanks to sk and Ooi Kean Chye for the photographs.

    One side note: When Ipoh’s Ungku Omar Polytechnic was opened in 1969, before its new campus on Dairy Road was ready, it was initially housed at the Day Training Centre to which sk alludes above.

  3. sk says:

    In the weblog post, Zahar said he has some 1964 shots. Zahar if you are reading this or if the editors has Zahar’s email, please ask him to send his shots over.. We will help him to post it here.http://www.ipohworld.org/…/something-to-jog-your-memories/

  4. sk says:

    Zahar says:
    September 7, 2013 at 12:41 am

    I was with Dato’ Lat in SMC (Special Malay Class)I and II in 1962 and 1963 respectively together with Tan Sri Anuar Zaini, among others. Tan Sri and I proceeded to 6A while Dato’ Lat went to 6B in 1964. I have a couple of photos taken in 1964 but do not know how to upload them to this site.

    To Zahar – Pls send your shots over. We help you to post it.

    • ika says:

      If possible we prefer scans to be high resolution at 600 dpi if possible. We cab get by with 300 dpi but anything with less resolution has very linited use for students and authors to use in their work. But please do send the scans to sk or to us direct at info@ipohworld.org,.

  5. Mano says:

    Hi sk, not too sure about the bus but it may have been that very one we took on the school excursion to Penang in 1967.
    However, with great respect, I beg to differ as I remember the tuck shop being at the other end between the two rows of buildings back in 1963. I was in Std 1 then. It was moved to the new premises where you have pointed out in 1964. Also the fence line is correct as it was back then too. It went around the bus in the old photo and continued at a right angle as seen in the new photo.
    Thank you for the memories, sk. Keep ’em coming!

  6. Sk says:

    Hi Mano, thanks for your respond. Not an issue with the Tuck Shop. In beginning 60s , the tuck shop was located. behind. Bird dog mentioned about bicycles shades along the building. Cant remember where it was.

  7. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear sk and Mano

    Thinking about the photographs (this post and the previous one), and about your comments — for example, that your old school compound which used to be spacious and green is now so crowded with buildings and concrete — I wonder if you think these changes were inevitable.

    In other words, given local needs and available resources, could things have been done differently? Are there cases (in Ipoh) where things were done differently?

    Thanks again for the photographs and commentary.

  8. Mano says:

    No doubt the increase in population is inevitable but the people in power and position have taken the easy way out. Much to the detriment of the physical and mental well being of the kids, the future of the nation. These same people in power and position then lament over the country’s poor performance in sporting arenas!
    It’s not that there is a lack of space. It’s greed and lack of foresight that has created this rather unwarranted congestion. Looking at the picture of the ‘new’ school, I wonder how much and for how long the kids as well as the teachers had to endure whilst the construction was underway. Unless, of course, it was only built in the night time!

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear Mano

      Thanks for your comment. You wrote (in part):

      It’s not that there is a lack of space. It’s greed and lack of foresight that has created this rather unwarranted congestion.

      Could you elaborate on this greed? What exactly do you mean?

      About lack of foresight: I can imagine that schools built a long time ago were built without much thought of future expansion. Is this still the case today in Ipoh? Are new schools still being built? And if so, are they built with room for expansion?

      (I know you are not local any more so if anyone else has a thought to share I’m sure you and I would both appreciate it!)

      • Mano says:

        You know what I mean, Ipoh Remembered.
        Housing estates that are more often than not concrete slums and schools like what has become of NTPS. Never mind the open fields. Given the limited outdoor hours due to the heat and humidity (and the penchant to be fair of skin!), how many multipurpose halls or swimming pools have been built in Ipoh since, say, those photos were taken? In the 60’s we were the Asian soccer powerhouse.. Today, we are being laughed at! It’s not only in sports, M’sia is lagging behind in every field compared with the rest of SEA, let alone Asia.

  9. sk says:

    Bird dog aka Rosebud has an uncanny eyes. He spotted some boys at the bicycle shed at the middle just after the 1st block in the 1962 picture. . Ya, coming to think about it, Yes, a forgotten artefact.

  10. Sk says:

    Hi Ipoh Remembered:-
    You are right. An ex lecturer has verified your statement that DTC housed Polytechnic Ungku Omar before it shifted to the new campus near STAR.

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Yes, the Ungku Omar Polytechnic was housed at the Day Training Centre on Jalan Pasir Puteh from ’69 to ’74.

      Thanks for confirming!

  11. sk says:

    Ipoh Remembered gave a Sketch map of NTPS-JPP in 1961. I would say that would be the 1st world Satellite Map of NTPS-JPP in the world! He gave me an idea. A Google search of the map brought me here.
    At the bottom left, there is this Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Di Hilir Ekram. Could that be the for DTC & that field was the former NTPS-JPP field which had the Headmaster’s Resident ? I remembered crossing the field during the primary school days and like any other school boys, we climbed over the fence. There was one row of a single story resident houses there but no more now.

  12. Sk says:

    Dear Editors Ipohworld, Frm my hp, I logged into the google map which gv me a different angle. I guessed readers hv to move ariund the goigle map. Just a note. Thks.

  13. sk says:

    I did another comparison in NTPS-JPP School Field 1962 & present, where Mano & Zahar did their sporting activities. I captured the image from google & from a few exchanges from fellow NTPS- JPP pupils, it did appear to be the the same school field we had in 1962 except that the school hall, the Art & Craft classes. DTC , & Dental clinics have disappeared . That area is belonging to Sekolah Kebangsaan Raja Di Hilir Ekram now which was unheard of during our time. . It covers quite a large area according to google satellite image. here is the link to SK Raja DiHilir https://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sekolah_Kebangsaan_Raja_Dihilir
    Just discovered the school related to NTPS-JPP. Some of my teachers were named : Charlie Foo, Mrs Yeap etc. It stated in 1993, the school was selected as an Exemplary School for Cleanliness in an Education TV Channel. It also stated that NTPS-JPP was also a school for handicapped children, dental heath care and it was a well known school for its hockey team.

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