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January 2019

MORE school tales…

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Special thanks to SK and Ooi Kean Chye for these photos. On the left is NTPS Pasir Puteh back in 1962, on the right is the same school today (2019).

SK also shared with us: “In the 1962 picture, in between the buildings in the middle was where we took our pictures. On the left of the picture was the School Lavatory, then School Tuck  Shop. We used to hang around the Tuck Shop….The school field  on the further left had gone & replaced by double storey classes. The Headmaster residents, the Day Teacher’s Centre, The Dental Clinic on the left all gone“.

June 2014

‘Me and my Ride’ !

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The AJS 350cc was my dad’s. This was taken back in 1956 and this time, the toddler is me! The photo was taken at the end of the block of houses in New Pasir Puteh where the Fabulous Thunderbirds were from as well.

We thank Mano for the picture and the above quote. I do wonder if anyone from Pasir Puteh remembers these houses or the bike…or even little Mano?

July 2012

The Cole Family – by IpohBornKid

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IpohBornKid would like to share something about the Cole Family, who lived in Ipoh in the early 1950s. Happy Reading! ūüôā

Left to Right: L/Corporal Cole; the members of the Cole Family (the dark-haired boy is probably Brian)

L/Corporal Cole was a British Servicemen stationed in Ipoh and his family was given living quarters in Pasir Puteh, Ipoh in the early 1950s.  Brian, a member of the Cole family, was friendly with his neighbours in that area.  In particularly, he befriended the Hooi family, who runs the Hooi Chew Motors in Pasir Puteh.  He mingled with them and often ate at their house.  After 1957, most British military personnel returned to UK after independence and Brian returned to UK with his family.

A few years ago, Brian made a trip to Malaysia and to his credit and perseverance; he finally found the Hooi Chew Motors in Falim (Jalan Lahat) and renewed the old links with them.  Brian left a contact number behind when returned to UK.  One of the Hooi family daughters recently went to UK and looked up Brian, who is living in the vicinity of Bath Spa, England (east). 

Brian remembered his stay in Ipoh very vividly and he has kindly provided some family photographs of the Cole family living in Pasir Puteh.  To be able to meet up after half a century of absence and separated by a long distance, is indeed a miracle.  It is hoped that other Ipoh people resident in that area during the 1950s would remember the Cole family in Pasir Puteh.

March 2012

Who Would Have Guessed…

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…that this was Pasir Puteh back in the 1960s? Yes, take a GOOD LOOK at the pictures below ūüôā

Shops with zinc roofs.

Mercedes Benz Bus, Ipoh Omnibus Co.


These pictures were provided by Mano, while SK gave us a little write-up:

Mano stayed at No 7, New Pasir Puteh & LMS 136 further down the road at 94, New Pasir Puteh. I stayed in 429A, New Pasir Puteh behind the row of shops hidden by the trees. Dont know if this was the ice kachang stall. LMS136 moved out from here in 1958, Mano in 1963 and me in 1966.

The Sundry shop, Tong Huat which was opposite Mano house diagonally had a coffee shop where the coffee shop owner had a shining bald head like marble top. We used to have coffee there & my father would pour the coffee onto the sauce plate for us to drink as it would get cooler & faster this way. Lat drew this in his cartoon. I liked the noodle  &  the bean curd  pieces which was wrapped in mengkuang & fish paste ( foo peh ) Just in front of  Tong Huat Sundry Shop , there was a man selling a round pan kueh made of flour, margarine & grounded nuts ( Tai Kow Meen ).

Opposite the road would be a bicycle shop where we watched the Black & White TV of Man landing on the moon. This is the part I am not too sure. It stated the 1st landing on the moon was July, 1969 but I recalled it was much earlier. Unless it was something significant, maybe 1965 or 1966 as I shifted to Jalan Pasir Puteh, near Jalan Pasir Puteh School in 1967. I remember standing outside the bicycle shop with my brothers & neighbours watching the event as only a few household had TV & this one was for public viewing unlike now where public viewing is catered for football fans in mamak shops.

Coming to the date of watching landing on the moon on TV in front of the bicycle shop, since it was July 1969, which I had left New Pasir Puteh, it could be the first American man that came out from the capsule walking in space then. 

NASA РNational Aeronautics and Space Administration  the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965, Ed White became the first American to conduct a spacewalk. This was more likely. I was still in 429A, New Pasir Puteh.

On the left side of Tong huat, after a break road from Tong Huat, was this factory making Coconut Candy. Remember the ice ball which cost us only 5 cents. The ice-seller would roll it & put the sugar coating & at times, she would put some read beans inside the middle. If we sucked the coating too fast, we have to throw the ice ball away as the sugar coating had not reached the middle. Yeah, I think the Indian Shop owner was a shame to cheat young boys. Next to the shop was the barber where we cut our hairs. I think there was one Indian grocery shop along the same row.

The end shop Picture No 1, there was a corner bungalow with a big compound occupied by a Malay Family. One of the daughter’s name was ” Puteh”.¬†There was also a small road leading inside Lat’s Kampong & in that row of houses, which was where the Ham brothers lived. (The Fabulous Falcons)

All these were gone when I visited these places a few months ago. A complete change & if Mano picture had not captured it, that moment would be gone with the wind.

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