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  1. sk says:

    We didnt airfixed Commercial ship but closest model ship that we made was AirFix HMS Tiger back in early 1960s by my brother.
    Ship was commissioned on 18th. March, 1959, decommissioned in 20th. April, 1978 & scrapped October 1986. Have not heard of Cunard Model ships. Then came Tamiya Model sets but somehow we didnt buy Japanese products.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    You’re a Queen fan!

    Anyway, these kinds of injection-moulded plastic “hobby kits” came somewhat after my time. Introduced to Malaya by Airfix, Revell, and Kleeware in the early ’50s, in Ipoh they were available at Whiteaway’s and one or two other shops which sold toys imported from the UK or the US.

    The required glue and optional paint, bought separately, gave off fumes that were likely quite toxic, especially to children. If I recall correctly, the instructions did warn parents to allow the application of these products in well-ventilated areas only.

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