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  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear felicia

    Aylesbury Street is now called Lintasan Pasar Baru. Parallel to Cockman Street but much shorter, it runs from Hugh Low Street to Market Terrace (Tingkat Pasar).

    It was named after Henry Aylesbury, one of the partners in Aylesbury & Garland, an old Tapah firm that eventually moved to Ipoh and, after a number of mergers, is now a vestigial part of the Harper Wira Group.

    Henry came from old money and didn’t mind who knew. On his first trip to Malaya, he sailed his own yacht from Southampton. I might have mentioned before his role in the creation of the New Club in Taiping: the old club simply wasn’t good enough. Similarly, in Ipoh he founded the “Perak British Subjects Association” to further the interests of people like himself — because, of course, the colonial government wasn’t doing enough in that regard.


    Castle, Huskisson was what one used to call a manufacturing chemist. The firm was founded in 1920 via a merger of older firms. It was based in London (as you can guess from the envelope).


    And yes, I remember Chee Tuck Medical Hall. It was both a retail and a wholesale business. The owner was a Mr. Chan, rather an enterprising character.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    You’re welcome, of course.

    Did the envelope never make it to London? Or is London where you obtained it?

    (Incidentally, the writer made a small mistake: Islington is in N1, not “N. I.,” which never existed.)

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