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December 2019

It’s almost the end of the year!

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for some, it would also be the end of their schooling years.

Back in December 1957, Lo Yuk Zhu graduated from Perak Girls’ Secondary School. Pictured here is a unique certificate signed by the Principal. What did YOUR school graduation certificate look like?


Unexploded Ordnance found In ipoh

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Bombs and bullets found at Ipoh Terminal Cargo on Monday (Dec 23)

Sorry folks I am running a little late with this piece of news!


Happy Christmas Everyone

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They say this is the season of “goodwill to all men”, irrespective of race or religion. That is exactly what we wish for you all.

Peace in the World.

Let’s try and make it so together.

Another Treasure from the late Olga Kathigasu

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Did you know .. that on 21st December 1945, 3 months after the Japanese surrender, the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (Main Convent) had a Christmas concert? Teachers and students must have worked hard to get the show together in such a short time. Below is a copy of their programme. God Save the King!

The L O N G wait…

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Taken from the Straits Times, dated 25th Dec 1959, it states that many have complained about the long waiting hours at the Taiping District Hospital. One of the patients, who went to the hospital at 9a.m., was not admitted until 5.30p.m.

I guess we’re still having the same issues today, aren’t we? 😉

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