This Pamphlet, issued by the National Electricity Board’s Information Section, is all about electrical accidents and how we can avoid them. It was published in July 1967 and the pamphlet sketches were by Ibrahim Ismail.

The publication was most likely prompted by the 1966 statistics which showed that 16 people died as a result of electrical accidents and, according to the Chief Electrical Inspector, the majority of these accidents were found to be due to carelessness and faulty apparatus.

Some of the hazards, shown in the above picture, include:

  • Don’t run appliances from adaptors.
  • Don’t knock nails into walls above switches and socket outlets.
  • Don’t fly kites on or near transmission lines.
  • Do take faulty appliances to a registered wiring contractor for repair. 
  • Don’t tie clothes lines to supports carrying electric wires.
  • Don’t climb electric poles.
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