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August 2020

“From Chinese Nationalism to Malaysian Chinese”

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“The Malaysian Chinese Association (MCA) was officially founded on 27th February 1949 by 16 men, two of whom were from Perak  – Tun Leong Yew Koh and Woo Ka Lim of Ipoh.” – read more at Vicinity Perak – From Chinese Nationalism to Malaysian Chinese – Volume 2 Issue 12, September 2006

The above photo shows the Resident Commissioner (left) and Tun Leong Yew Koh (right).

Beginning of the MIC?

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While we’re still on the topic of Merdeka (since 31st August is just around the corner), did you know that:local Indian activism started in the early 20th century with the formation of associations such as the Taiping Indian Association, which particularly focused on the concerns of plantation workers” ? (quote from – Vicinity Perak – From Indian Nationals to Malaysian Indians – Volume 2 Issue 12, September 2006)

The above photo shows Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru (President of the Congress Party of India) speaking to the local Indian community in Kuala Kangsar, Perak in 1937.

Of Women and Merdeka…

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Meeting of Kaum Ibu members in Ulu Selama, Perak (1958).

The confederation of Kumpulan Kaum Ibu into independent organisations later brought about the creation of Pergerakan Kaum Ibu UMNO (renamed Pergerakan Wanita) in 1949 when the party realised the importance of a permanent women’s auxiliary body. Its leader Puteh Mariah was a dedicated and feisty who took this body to greater heights and she fought for women’s rights thus creating new ventures for women in many areas.

Kaum Ibu also provided classes for betterment of its women and this resulted in some of them being appointed to senior party positions….(read more here)

Mass Indian Meeting?

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Yes, there was a mass gathering in Ipoh back in 1942. According to the article, demonstrators numbering 17000 marched through the streets of the town carrying banners and shouting anti-British slogans….

Wonder what happened after that?

Famous Names (11)

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He had been part of the SMI family since 1939 and had helped to rescue vital equipment before the Japanese took over the school buildings. As a musician himself he gave personal encouragement to the Military and Cadet bands, as well as to stage productions. For more than 40 years, he served the students, the staff and the school with great respect, understanding and love. 

The Michaelians are already grinning at this entry 🙂 Yes, boys (and girls), our featured celebrity is none other than Bro Ultan Paul!

Familiar artifact?

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Remember these fans? I still have one at home (which is worn, with age). But the one I have doesn’t have a motif like this one (pictured above). When was the last time you saw or used such a fan? 

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