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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

September 2010

Do you know them?

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Noting the response to our previous posting, we’ve decided to put up two more pictures of the said family:

Peranakan or Chinese? We don’t know…maybe someone out there knows….

Here we have a better view of the house. Note also the number plate on the vehicle – PK 3226. That should give you a rough guess as the when the picture was taken.

We await for your comments / feedback 🙂

February 2010

new iMaGes to view

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Our earlier post about the old MG in Kampung Kuchai (put up specially for antiquelad) led to Raz alerting us to this MG logo set in the 5 foot way in Old Town. Early this morning I set off to locate it and thanks to Daniel’s advice in an earlier comment I found it at No. 8 Hugh Low Street.

It is in front of this shop which we understand is a gunsmiths shop that 2 generations ago used to sell MG motor spares. Of course as it was before 8am on Saturday, I could not enquire further but will follow up on a working day.

But there is another interesting logo as shown above. There are two of these set into the supporting pillars each side of the shop and of course they stand for Guan Hoe. With the electric cable sheathing passing in front of them these logos are most probably original and installed when the shop was first built. Clearly I need to get back to find out more.

An Almost Extinct Breed of Beetle

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Just a stone’s throw from the very centre of Ipoh City lies this classic old VW Beetle. It is amazing that such junk can lie about in our city, but the picture, taken today, proves it. What is more there is more of this junk around if you really start to look. Do watch this blog for more such interesting finds.

But back to the VW, what a shame that it has been left to rot instead of being treated to some Tender Loving Care by a Classic Car enthusiast. Maybe someone will follow up this blog and get the grand old vehicle back on the road if of course they can find out who owns it – and that might be difficult.

After all this is a historic vehicle, the concept of no lesser person than Adolf Hitler and produced after his death by the British using refugees and displaced persons as a way of giving them work. Little did they know what a “Classic” they were making.

August 2009

Humber Pulman

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The picture of Humber Pulman was taken in Taiping during 1950s. It was a Standard Vanguard for Officers of the Command, who used having arrived by helicopter to travel around the area. Besides that, several armoured Scout Cars also used to escort the Humber Pulman during the visits.

Such a beauty! Dont you agree? Please drop by if you know about this car, registration 27BC24.

April 2009

December 2008

The Colonial Dispensary, Where and When?

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Nothing is known about this picture of the Colonial Dispensary, although we are assured it is from Ipoh. There is the tail end of a car to the left of the picture with what looks like the Perak Registration A 707. The shopkeeper is holding a baby above the counter and there are half a dozen men/boys in the shop. Any information about the Colonial Dispensary would be very welcome.

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