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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

May 2013

August 2011

Aerial View of St Michael’s Institution

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Here’s a lovely coloured postcard of St Michael’s Institution. Care to guess the date of this picture? Needless to say, those palm trees aren’t there anymore….and the space behind the school building is now where the new Primary Block is.

You can also see St John’s Anglican Church; notice also a green-roofed mansion (top most of the picture). Wonder whose house it was?

Guess this building!

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We know some of you out there love mysteries! Well, here’s one for you (see picture below).

Familiar? At first I thought it was the Shaik Adam Mosque (along Clayton Road, next to St Michael’s Institution)…..but then, could there be another building around the country with a similar design?

By the way, this picture was taken by the late Percival Moss. We thank his grandson Bernard for lending it to us!

June 2011

“…Sons (and Daughters) of St Michael…Valiant and True…”

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Yes, we have another class photo! This time, we’re clueless about the year; all we know is these smiling faces seem to be Prefects from St Michael’s Institution. Are you in this photo? Or, do you know anyone in this photo?

Looking forward to your comments 🙂

December 2010

SMI – Std 6 D, from 1969

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After ‘reuniting’ those from ACS, Anderson and NTPS Pasir Puteh……we’re now calling out to the “Sons of St Michael’s Institution ” !

Here we have Std. 6 D, all the way from 1969. Come on, Michaelians….don’t be shy. We KNOW some of you out there might have been in this class. Do point yourselves out…and maybe tell us about your fellow classmates too 🙂

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