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August 2016

Lessons In Progress…

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CHIJ classroom

Convent Girls, do you recall what your classroom looked like? Well, this was a typical classroom at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (or Main Convent) back in the late 1940s / early 1950s. We thank Marea Smith for sharing this nostalgic photograph with us. Looking forward to hearing from any CHIJ Alumni 🙂

July 2016

December 2010

The Brewster Road Fire Brigade

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Remember the old fire brigade at Brewster Road? Here we have two pictures of the fire brigade’s compound – showing the girls from the Main Convent.

These girls were part of the Firefighter Cadets Club, which was established in the school in the 1980s.

The fire brigade has moved to another premise (opposite the Perak Stadium), but the old building still remains. Anyone know what’s become of the old building?

Thank you to Puan Zora, a former student and teacher from the Main Convent, who lent us these pictures!

November 2010


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Calling ALL Convent-Alumni!!!

As stated in the flyer, there will be a Christmas Party on 11th December 2010, organised by the Convent Old Girls Association (COGA). This party will be at the Convent Primary Hall, from 4 pm till 7 pm. Besides good food and some fun games, this is a chance to revisit your dear alma mater; maybe even a time to catch up on the latest! We were also told that Convent’s very own band – Tradimode – will be performing too.

Those interested may contact Florina Ng, the Convent Music Teacher. Start marking your diaries, girls!!

HIJ Convent – Class of ’64!

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Recognise this? This picture was taken outside the Secondary School Assembly Hall, of the HIJ Convent, Ipoh. We were also told that this was the 1964 Senior Cambridge Class. It was sent to us by Sybil. Thank you for sharing it.

Calling all Convent girls – are you somewhere in this picture? If so, do tell us where you’re standing…and perhaps name some of your friends too. We’d also like to know who the teachers were (seated, front row); not forgetting the Nuns as well!

October 2010

A Long Time Ago at Main Convent, Ipoh

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Fellow Main Convent Alumni……….recognise this? It is said to be the kitchen. I don’t recognize it……this was WAY before my time 😉

Maybe some of you out there know which part of the Main Convent building this is……do let us know. And do tell us if this building is still there today (perhaps it has been restored / renovated?).

We await for some good news……….

December 2009

School Trip!

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Here we have a ‘friendly’ bus – ferrying the children around and also joining them on school trips. This picture was taken from the Main Convent Centenary Magazine. Judging by the number plate (AA 5084) and from the wordings in the magazine, we think this picture was probably taken around the year 1957.

Anyone out there been on such a bus before? Do let us know – especially if you were a ‘product’ of Main Convent, Ipoh!

December 2008

Girls of the Ipoh Main Convent

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Originally known as the Convent of the the Holy Infant Jesus, the school was founded by Mother St. Victoire, supported by Mother St. Anatoli, Assistant General to the Priests’ Assembly in Paris. It opened on 7th January 1907, at a small house in the compound of the St. Michael’s Church (Ipoh), with only eight students. Initially, it had only two teachers headed by headmistress Sister St. Prudence. The enrolment of the school increased to 99 students by the end of that year.

But the above picture is much later and we would like to know when and who is in the picture please. If you know anything about this picture or the others on this blog, please click on ‘Comments’ under the photo and leave your advice/information there.  Thanks in anticipation.

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