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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

May 2012

Are you “into” Martial Arts?

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Well there was one man at least in Ipoh who was very much into it, particularly ‘Kung Fu Karato’. He was known as Leong Fu and he lived at 119 Anderson Road, Ipoh. Not only was he into the art, he was the world champion, having fought in all parts of the Kung Fu world and beaten all comers. When he retired he did so as the unconquered champion of the Kung Fu world.

Subsequently in 1947 he produced a massive book describing the many moves that an exponent needs to learn. Here is the cover and a part of the title page of that book for your viewing.

This, truly a giant book, lent to us by Charlie,  measures 10 x 12 inches and is 2.25 inches thick, with hundreds of drawings of the different stances and moves needed tp be practiced. Despite its size, it sold all over the world as is shown in the last few pages by a wide range of letters and photographs of people who benefitted from the publication. Leong Fu clearly put Ipoh on the world map!

Now the question is how can we obtain a photograph of the King of Kung Fu Karato? Does anyone know his family or have a photo we could scan? We really need to feature Leong Fu on our history database as there is no doubt that he made history.

We look forward to hearing from you.

April 2012

Training Lotion?

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Have any of you seen this product before? I wonder if such products are used by Martial Arts students/instructors today – perhaps they use a different brand? This one was produced and distributed by F & L Medical Hall and the bottle bears the warning.

“For external use only.
Keep away from

This is a close-up of the man featured on the box of the training lotion. What interests us as the pictures were in the Foo family album. Could this have been our donor’s father from Pasir Puteh?

We thank Shuen Huey for these pictures 🙂

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