Rally control in 1957 Mobilgas Economy Run. Collin Dowset extreme right. Loris Goring (donor of photograph) co driver with folder checking in at one of the control Any motor sports fans out there recall the good ‘ol days of rallies and racing? Our donor Loris Goring shared the following with us (via email): I was  […]

  At first, it seems like a game of Tag….but I suppose this is based on a similar concept. I’m talking about Kabaddi. How many of you played this outdoor game during your days in school? How many of still play them now?

The statue of Saint John Baptist De La Salle on the gable of St. Michael’s Institution A reporter from The Star newspaper, Christina Koh wrote about the story of how the brothers at St. Michael’s Institution rushed to save a large bronze statue of Saint John Baptist De La Salle by removing it, loading it […]

picture from: Star Newspaper Recently, there was a report about the public pool (near the Perak Stadium) being closed for renovations. From what I’ve observed before it closed, this pool is rather popular among Ipoh-ites – especially the little ones. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know WHEN the pool was built?

I’m sure many of you recognise the gentleman in white (with a walking stick). Yes, it’s none other than Bro Vincent Corkery! He recently celebrated his 70th anniversary as a La Salle Brother at St Michael’s Insitution, Ipoh. To read the full article published by The Star Online, click here