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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

courtesy of: Charlie Choong (click to enlarge)

We believe these musicians were part of the Perak Hui Zhou association. While we try to find out more about this, perhaps someone out there could help us out. Does anyone remember this public performance? And if you do, do you recognise the buildings in the background?

  1. sk says:

    Didnt know there is such an association. The buliding also dont look familiar. The 2nd picture draped with a flag next to the word ” South” . It doesnt look like a MCA flag or a Malaysian Flag as it has only 5 stripes and I also havent come across MCA flag with 5 stripes. Maybe someone can clarify .

  2. felicia says:

    Hello SK. From the feedback we’ve received on Facebook, the building is in fact NOT in Ipoh! Ooops, sorry for the confusion….I shall include the Facebook comment here, for you and the others.

    Patrick Lee told us on Facebook:
    “The shophouse in the background is in downtown KL between Chinatown & Central Market. It is still standing to this day.
    It’s the shop behind the famous Lai Foong coffee shop in Chinatown KL.”

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