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September 2018

What’s this?

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Some of you may recognise it. Some of you are still scratching your heads. Worry not, this is in fact the ruins of a brick bungalow built by none other than William Kellie Smith. Last I recall, these ruins were within the grounds of the famed Kellie’s Castle (hope they haven’t disappeared or made way for ‘development’).

Monday Puzzle

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Today’s puzzle is brought to you by Ipoh Remembered.


click to enlarge

Can you guess what the green, blue and orange sections are in the photograph?

And while you’re at it, can you also guess the year?

Auxiliary Police During The Emergency

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1948 to 1960 proved to be troubling times as Malaya had to experience attacks within its borders in the form of Communist insurgents. The brave men in the photograph above did their part in helping to keep their towns safe through patrolling the streets at night, they were the Auxiliary police and for that we are truly grateful for their deeds.

Do you have any stories you could share with us about the auxiliary police? Was your father, grandfather part of the force or were you part of the force yourself? Let us know…

Continuation Classes At ACS

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The donor of the photograph above attended continuation classes at ACS in 1946 and graduated in 1948. The principal, Mr. Wong Wai Lam is seated (4th from left). How many of you attended ACCS? What were your fondest memories there?

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