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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

This model of a full size elephant and handlers stands in the entrance to a building in Perak. Legend has it that one day he ran amok into the jungle and when he was finally caught he had a silvery substance smeared all over his left front leg. When his handlers had quietened him down enough to clean him up they found the substance was tin. The then Regent (there was no Sultan at the time) then gave all mining rights in the area to the owner of the elephant. True or not, it is a lovely story and is said to have started the tin boom and, later, wars between two Chinese miner clans, Hai San and Ghee Hin.

Now for the history buffs out there, where is the building, who owned the elephant and what was the date? No prizes given other than your knowledge of your local history being proudly displayed to the world.

Answers on Wednesday if you have not got them right by then.

  1. ika says:

    Good afternoon Antiquelad, good to hear from you again, but I am afraid it is not the Perak Museum in Taiping. Why not have another go?

  2. felicia says:

    Were the owners of the elephant the Mandalings? Probably from one of the villages by the Kinta river…
    Don’t know about the building though…

  3. felicia says:

    Warmonger, you just HAD to reveal my little secret!
    Si Jalak? Come on Antiquelad, I’m sure you can come up with a much nicer name…

  4. antiquelad says:

    Ika , it’s just a name i picked out from an old malay classic story…anyway just to reveal the secret Si Jalak was a cockerel..

  5. felicia says:

    Hi Jim. Beruas and Sitiawan Museum..hmm, maybe try looking up our site for it. Not sure if we have info on those two places.

    Antiquelad, have you ‘met’ Si Jalak? Which story is it from?

    Warmonger, if I could predict lottery numbers….I would have made my first million by now!

  6. ika says:

    Hi Jim,

    Just to straighten out where this blog has got to, Felicia was absolutely right with her place, name and date. It is Matang Historical Complex and sadly we do not know the name of the elephant!

    We do have both Sitiawan and Beruas on the blog, but as they do not neatly fit into our Kinta Valley focus for the database they are not included there. Maybe one day!

    Like Felicia, I would not be doing this if I could predict lottery numbers unless it was from a beach in the Bahamas.

  7. ex-Ipohan says:

    Can someone kindly advise what a rabbit is called in Bahasa? Been soooo long, I forgot! I would have thought said Elephant would have been addressed as Sri Ganesh, with all due respects to Hindus and their worship of their mighty remover of all obstacles.

  8. ika says:

    Rabbit – Kucing Belanda seems to ring a bell with me, but I would be delighted if a Malaysian could confirm please as my Malay is pretty poor.

  9. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear ika:

    Rabbit – Kucing Belanda seems to ring a bell with me

    More common, I suspect, is “arnab,” taken from the Arabic أَرْنَب.

    And felicia, your mention of Ngah Ibrahim’s name reminds me to ask: Do Malaysians still recognize the (historical) name “Long Jaafar”?

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