Here’s a Day and Night shot of Cathay Theatre (when it was STILL a cinema) – notice that the mall behind Cathay was Ocean (now, it’s The Store). We thank Valerie for these pictures who has now provided the following additional information:

“The dayshot was taken in the morning of October 1998 when the street was not busy.


 The building was just freshly repainted with new color shemes that combine the

 best of traditional art deco and modern day glitziness.  The “C” on the right hand

 side of the marquee is the Cathay logo that was not yet put back up after the paint job

 but was up for the night shot.


The nightshot was taken that same day right after Ocean turned off their lights

to close up for the night.  The timing of the nightshot was perfect as it made the glittering lights of Cathay stand out elegantly without the distractionof Ocean in the background.”


Thank you Valerie.

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