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Han Chin Pet Soo is open! Book now at www.ipohworld.org/reservation

April 2011

Don’t Miss “The Battle of the River Plate”.

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Ruth Rollitt was so incensed by the multicoloured Cathay that we featured, she sent us this photograph of how the Theatre looked when it first opened in those days of Movies and Mercedes. She included a newspaper article from 1958, the first part of which is inserted below. The whole article will appear on or database archive before too long. Unfortunately we received it to late to catch the movie! Did anyone out there see it?

“Special  Cathay Supplement

A Milestone in Cinema Entertainment


Ipoh’s New Cathay Theatre


To build a luxury theatre in Ipoh has long been a wish of the Cathay Organisation. This is in keeping with their policy to provide the best that there is available in cinema comfort and entertainment.


Costing over $600,000 their new Cathay, Ipoh will be officially declared open by His Highness the Sultan of Perak, Raja Sir Izzudin Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdul Jalil, KCMG, OBE, before a distinguished and cosmopolitan gathering at 8 pm tonight, the eve of  Chinese New Year.


Out of a piece of rubber estate land there has risen a handsome steel and concrete structure housing one of the best equipped theatres in the state of Perak.


Among the guests who will attend tonight’s opening ceremony will be State and Town Councillors, community leader, heads of Government and other personalities.


Cathay Organisation personalities include Mr Loke Wan Tho, Head of the Organisation, whose inspired leadership and farsightedness has provided Ipoh town with the handsome and imposing entertainment landmark.


Mrs Loke will accompany her husband and Mr John Ede, Director and General manager of the Cathay Organisation will also be present.


This new theatre – a worthy acquisition to the large number of theatres already controlled by the Organisation – was designed by Mr B M Iversen, the well-known Ipoh architect.”


More about the Cathay can be found here.

February 2011

‘Day’ and ‘Night’, at Cockman Street

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Here’s a Day and Night shot of Cathay Theatre (when it was STILL a cinema) – notice that the mall behind Cathay was Ocean (now, it’s The Store). We thank Valerie for these pictures who has now provided the following additional information:

“The dayshot was taken in the morning of October 1998 when the street was not busy.


 The building was just freshly repainted with new color shemes that combine the

 best of traditional art deco and modern day glitziness.  The “C” on the right hand

 side of the marquee is the Cathay logo that was not yet put back up after the paint job

 but was up for the night shot.


The nightshot was taken that same day right after Ocean turned off their lights

to close up for the night.  The timing of the nightshot was perfect as it made the glittering lights of Cathay stand out elegantly without the distractionof Ocean in the background.”


Thank you Valerie.

June 2010

…and the Lucky Patron is….

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Back in the 1950s, cinemas were a popular (probably the only) source of entertainment – television sets were not common and not everyone had a radio either! Hence, the cinema-experience was a real treat – especially for the little ones!

We received an interesting e-mail from Ignatius Chiew, regarding the ‘soft’ opening of Ipoh’s Cathay Cinema.

From the picture, we see the Lucky Patron (patron No. 500 000) receiving her double pass (for 1 month) as she arrives at the booking office. According to Ignatius, Cathay opened its doors to the public on 30th January 1957 – the eve of Chinese New Year – which was considered an auspicious day for business. Incidentally, Ignatius’ father was then the (first) manager of Cathay cinema.

Does anyone know WHEN exactly the half million patron mark was reached? We would like to know the date, and probably any other extra bit that you may know…..maybe someone might even know WHO the pretty lady in the picture is!

March 2010

“…row, row, row your boat….”

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Flooding in Kuala Kangsar had been a problem since 1926, when the royal palace (Istana Sri Sayong) was almost swept away! The picture we have here is from 1967; as you can see, almost half of the Cathay cinema is underwater.

By the looks of things, the men on the boat were probably hoping to catch ‘The Sound of Music’ that day…..

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