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You, our smart readers from across the world have so far managed to identify almost anything we have thrown at you. Now we are becoming so well known that we are being sent some photos that could be anywhere in Malaysia, like this one.

But actually it is thought to be in the Ipoh area although it might just come from the Cameron Highlands. The clue must be the distinctive colouring of the facia and the Air Conditioned transfers on the windows. I really cannot see any more even when the picture is enlarged, so WYSIWYG.

Who’ll be first to enlighten us?

Well, by special request of sm (below) here is a full frontal (pardon the expression) of the Star Barbers.

So what are the differences and where is the original picture situated?

  1. felicia says:

    Hi Antiquelad….i was about to say the same thing! DT, it DOES look like it’s opposite Mubarak doesn’t it?
    we shall just wait and hear from the others 🙂

  2. sk says:

    Yes, Antiquelad & Felicia,

    Looks like the star saloon because of the typical
    “AIR CONDITION” Fonts. It was very popular those days
    and as a kid, I thought the place was covered with snow as I knew I could not have a chance to see snow over here.
    From the angle of the shot, it next to a left corner shop and at the right, there is a new building anchored to the old building ( look at rooftop of both sides of the building ) so it couldnt be star saloon.

    Old town, yes, maybe

  3. sm says:

    Hi sk, you’re very observant and probably right.

    Ian should have high resolution pictures of the exterior of Star Hair Dressing Saloon – including one from MAS’s Wings Of Gold magazine – and if he posts them here, we can compare the two facades, which are very similar but which appear to contain subtle differences.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Satish Shukla says:

    Looks like the one that used to be at the upper end of Jalan Lahat.Opposite the present Little India Arch. We useed to go there for our Air Conditioned Haircut in the 1960’s.

  5. sk says:

    Thanks, Ian,

    It certainly helps.
    I got one feeback from an ex-Andersonian
    This is what he wrote:-

    Hi everyone
    This looks like the one that used to be at the upper end of Jalan Lahat,opposite the present Little India Arch. We used to go there for our Air Conditioned Haircut in the 1960’s.

    Thanks, Satish for your contribution.
    You could be right as the building is very white washed, a very typical part of Jalan Lahat.
    You can contribute to Ipohworld directly though there will be no prize, though.
    Maybe Ian can canvass for sponsor for the correct answer.
    Ha2 . Cheers

  6. ika says:

    Thanks for the Jalan Lahat lead. Can anyone tell us the name of that barber’s please as it is not legible on the photo.

  7. sk says:

    Here is an anonymous emigrant contributor..

    The first photo of the barber shop .. did you notice that there are Chinese letters on the TOP right hand corner of the shop .. so I do not think any of you guys would have been to the barber there.. It looks like a GIRLIE BARBER SHOP.. quite close to the Ipoh Central market..

    Imagine coming from Chamberlain Rd and you are travelling on Anderson Road towards the hospital, after crossing Hugh Low St you turn left on the first cross streets and head towards the market… There were barber shops in this street… and I remember barber shops in this street were under Chinese management and the barbers were CHINESE LADIES ………. At night this street has a lot of food stalls especially Teo Chew porridge, curry mee, etc..

    Re the new addition of the second photo, I was trying to look for some clues on the neighbouring shops but there were none.. This barber shop is definitely Indian run .. I was wondering if it could be the Barber shop in the block at the corner of Anderson Road and Hugh Low Street .. with the barber shop facing Hugh Low St heading towards Old town.. There were two barber shops in this block. The first Indian barber shop is the second shop lot in the block and the fourth shop lot was also an Indian barber shop and these shops were in close proximity to Indian newspaper stalls ….

    Yes, anon, thanks for your contribution.

  8. Karu says:

    This barber shop (upper picture) is no longer exist as it has already demolished and reconstructed as new building (RHB Bank) opposite Ipoh Padang. I was born and was staying above the shop until i was 3 years old. After that my dad shifted us to the Star Hair Dressing Saloon (the below picture).

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