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January 2018

December 2012

156, Hugh Low Street, Ipoh

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From what our donor (Ko-chi Wai) tells us, this is a “view from inside Choon Seng shop house along 156 Hugh Low Street, ground floor front. Shows the structure of the horizontal sliding metal grill/shutter door, and an old heavy-duty weigh (in green, left bottom). My brother, sister and myself on the old Honda cub.”

This picture was taken in 1979. I wonder if the shop house is still there….perhaps another establishment has taken over? Those of you familiar with the layout of Hugh Low Street might be able to tell us more 🙂

September 2012

January 2012

July 2011

The Sunday Shocker

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You, our smart readers from across the world have so far managed to identify almost anything we have thrown at you. Now we are becoming so well known that we are being sent some photos that could be anywhere in Malaysia, like this one.

But actually it is thought to be in the Ipoh area although it might just come from the Cameron Highlands. The clue must be the distinctive colouring of the facia and the Air Conditioned transfers on the windows. I really cannot see any more even when the picture is enlarged, so WYSIWYG.

Who’ll be first to enlighten us?

Well, by special request of sm (below) here is a full frontal (pardon the expression) of the Star Barbers.

So what are the differences and where is the original picture situated?

October 2010

Out with the old, in with the new?

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Clearly the ‘old’ and ‘new’ don’t match here…..one looks like it may fall apart anytime soon, while the other has been left uncompleted!

These two ‘neighbours’ live at Brewster Road, Ipoh. We do wonder what the modern building is. Also, we noticed that the building has been ‘windowless’ for some time now!

Any ideas? What was there BEFORE the modern structure came up?

August 2010

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?

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Looks familiar? To those who (like me) often visit the Hilltop Cafe (the orange building at the far end, right side of the shady tree), you would have noticed these rows of shop houses – particularly the ones on the right of the picture. (Hilltop Cafe is along Hugh Low Street). These shop houses, on Jalan Chung On Siew, were once used in a movie. (see picture below)

This is what the shops looked like, when they were touched up/painted/decorated. This was done to portray a ‘scene in old Shanghai’ – specially for the Ang Lee movie ‘Lust, Caution’. (more about this can be found here)

But alas, these shop houses won’t be able to live up to their ‘fame’ – for they are being torn down!

Has anyone heard anything about this? Maybe someone out there knows what’s going on; and maybe what’s going to be built there once these shop houses go……..

July 2010

Hugh Low Street (Jalan Sultan Iskandar) in the 80s

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Hugh Low Street was once a 2-way street, and a very busy one too…even today! This picture was taken from a postcard, dated 1985. At the far end, just before the bridge, there used to be an arch – it’s not there now, wonder when it was taken down?

Also notice that there were many shops (on either side of the street), selling everything; from jewelry, to groceries, to Chinese herbs – there’s even a Bata shoe store! Anyone remember other famous stores? Have any new ones come up lately?

We look forward to hearing from you, so DO tell us more about this part of Hugh Low Street!

June 2010

The “Lions” of Hugh Low Street…

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This is a front view of No.188, Hugh Low Street – which used to be Ipohgal’s home. The picture was taken by Aaron Ong, who was inspired by Ipohgal’s description of her colourful childhood. The design of this house deserves a special mention – particularly the 2 lions on the roof (see picture below)

Like Ipohgal has mentioned, there are 2 lions on either side of a globe (in the centre). Were the lions part of a certain trademark? Or perhaps a unique ‘signature’ of a famous person? I do wonder if there are anymore of such designs on other buildings around Ipoh – maybe it was part of a series of buildings built by a particular architect! (for instance, the shop houses that Yau Tet Shin built all have a similar design).

We thank Aaron for the pictures, and also Ipohgal for sharing her fond memories with us.

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