We received this picture from a STAR Alumni. The donor of this picture also gave us a list of the marked places in this picture.

Marked in green:
1. Tiger Lane (Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah)
2. Dairy Road (Jalan Raja Muda Mahadi)
3. Sekolah Izzuddin Shah
4. Pejabat Kaji Bumi & Minerals
5. Canning Garden

Marked in red:
A. Entrance to STAR at Tiger Lane
B. Administration office, Hall and Class rooms
C. Industrial & Science Labs, Library
D. Sixth Form hostel
E. Remove Class hostel
F. Green House hostel
G. Blue House hostel
H. Black House hostel
I. Red House hostel
J. White House hostel
K. Yellow House hostel
L. Dining-hall

Those of you who pass some of these roads/places often can testify that SO MUCH has changed over the years 🙂

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