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March 2012

Who Would Have Guessed…

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…that this was Pasir Puteh back in the 1960s? Yes, take a GOOD LOOK at the pictures below ūüôā

Shops with zinc roofs.

Mercedes Benz Bus, Ipoh Omnibus Co.


These pictures were provided by Mano, while SK gave us a little write-up:

Mano stayed at No 7, New Pasir Puteh & LMS 136 further down the road at 94, New Pasir Puteh. I stayed in 429A, New Pasir Puteh behind the row of shops hidden by the trees. Dont know if this was the ice kachang stall. LMS136 moved out from here in 1958, Mano in 1963 and me in 1966.

The Sundry shop, Tong Huat which was opposite Mano house diagonally had a coffee shop where the coffee shop owner had a shining bald head like marble top. We used to have coffee there & my father would pour the coffee onto the sauce plate for us to drink as it would get cooler & faster this way. Lat drew this in his cartoon. I liked the noodle  &  the bean curd  pieces which was wrapped in mengkuang & fish paste ( foo peh ) Just in front of  Tong Huat Sundry Shop , there was a man selling a round pan kueh made of flour, margarine & grounded nuts ( Tai Kow Meen ).

Opposite the road would be a bicycle shop where we watched the Black & White TV of Man landing on the moon. This is the part I am not too sure. It stated the 1st landing on the moon was July, 1969 but I recalled it was much earlier. Unless it was something significant, maybe 1965 or 1966 as I shifted to Jalan Pasir Puteh, near Jalan Pasir Puteh School in 1967. I remember standing outside the bicycle shop with my brothers & neighbours watching the event as only a few household had TV & this one was for public viewing unlike now where public viewing is catered for football fans in mamak shops.

Coming to the date of watching landing on the moon on TV in front of the bicycle shop, since it was July 1969, which I had left New Pasir Puteh, it could be the first American man that came out from the capsule walking in space then. 

NASA РNational Aeronautics and Space Administration  the Gemini 4 mission on June 3, 1965, Ed White became the first American to conduct a spacewalk. This was more likely. I was still in 429A, New Pasir Puteh.

On the left side of Tong huat, after a break road from Tong Huat, was this factory making Coconut Candy. Remember the ice ball which cost us only 5 cents. The ice-seller would roll it & put the sugar coating & at times, she would put some read beans inside the middle. If we sucked the coating too fast, we have to throw the ice ball away as the sugar coating had not reached the middle. Yeah, I think the Indian Shop owner was a shame to cheat young boys. Next to the shop was the barber where we cut our hairs. I think there was one Indian grocery shop along the same row.

The end shop Picture No 1, there was a corner bungalow with a big compound occupied by a Malay Family. One of the daughter’s name was ” Puteh”.¬†There was also a small road leading inside Lat’s Kampong & in that row of houses, which was where the Ham brothers lived. (The Fabulous Falcons)

All these were gone when I visited these places a few months ago. A complete change & if Mano picture had not captured it, that moment would be gone with the wind.

You Know You’re Malaysian When…

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…pictures such as this one make your mouth water! ūüėČ

Yes, these people are ‘paying tribute’ to the King of Fruits in their very own kitchen.

On a different note, observe the background – the different containers/jars which were once found in (almost) every local home.

We thank Charlie Choong for this picture.

Ipoh’s ‘Novena Church’

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Some time ago, some of our Readers talked about the ‘Novena Church’ along Tambun Road. Here are two pictures of the said church, taken during the annual procession.

The ‘Novena Church’ moved to a new location in the early 1970s – now known as the OMPH Church in Ipoh Garden. The building at Tambun Road has been demolished and on the same plot of land now stands Heritage Hotel.

Can anyone tell us which year these pictures was taken? We’d also like to know more about the church/event…..also, if anyone has MORE pictures of the actual building (interior/exterior) do let us know.

Tarcisian Convent, Ipoh

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Those liviing in and around Lim Gardens would be familiar with this school (see picture below).

Yes, it’s none other than Tarcisian Convent – which was yet another ‘sister school’ of the HIJ Convent.

We don’t have much about this school, so if anyone out there knows more we’d love to hear from you. Maybe you’re a former student/teacher; if so, do share your memories with us! ūüôā

‘Gone Fishing’

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Not too long ago, I received an e-mail which talked about the simple things in life. The e-mail ended with the phrase “Life was simple when Apple and Blackberry were names of fruits”. Hence, when I saw the following pictures (below) from Charlie….

…..I began to wonder: what was life like back then? Do boys (maybe some girls too?) still go fishing with their dads/buddies? I know in some housing areas, the common padang is almost empty (save for a few kids on their bicycles). To the youth out there – what is YOUR favourite way of passing time?

The Station Gardens by Mark Lay

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Mark, of Kinta Heritage Group took these two photographs that I failed to get earlier in the week. He first posted them on Facebook, but I am sure he will not mind them being also published here. Remember these were taken this week. They need no explanation.

But the question Mark has for you is, “Does anyone know if the MBI has plans to makeover Station Square along similar lines to the pre-war original landscaping design? Has anyone seen the final design plans? Did the MBI invite public submissions as to the final design??”

Can any of our readers give him an answer?

The Much Awaited Reunion!

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During the past weeks we’ve had hints about an up-coming reunion for the ACS and MGS Alumni. Here’s the official advertisement.

As stated in the poster, this event is scheduled for the 4th of August 2012 at the Grand Valley Ballroom, Kinta Riverfront Hotel & Suites. The party, themed “Friends Forever”,¬†kicks off at 6pm. Spread the word,¬†folks ūüėČ

For reservations and more info, do contact: Ms Lim (05-2532882); Mr Chow (012-5283212); Ms Yau (012-5125693); Ms Doreen (019-5103270).

Update on Old Town

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I had a brief ride around Old Town this morning to see what was happening. I couldn’t get any photo or update on the Railway Station Gardens as they are still hidden behind tall blue fencing. However apart from the Cenotaph and the Ipoh Tree there seems to be nothing of the gardens left. Not a great welcome for the tourists in “Visit Perak Year 2012!”.

Then I wandered along the road to see the Birch Clock Tower Garden renovation. What a surprise –¬†as although it is unlikely that anything has been done to preserve the two statuues, Justice and Fortitude from falling down¬†(see http://ipohecho.com.my/v2/2012/03/01/ipohs-virtues-in-danger/) ¬†¬†the tower has been repainted Black and White.

Although that may be approproiate¬†……… Black and white stands for mourning and cheerless occasions. For example, traditional garb for a funeral is black and white. Black for the loss, and white for their passing onto the heavens,¬†………¬†I must say I don’t like it, but then again I did not like the pink either, much preferring the 1909 odiginal version which was all-white. Clearly I am a traditionalist.

By the way, could someone suggest (again) to Datuk Bandar that he gets the clock working.

As you can see the gardens have not progressed too much either. Sigh, maybe they will be ready to celebrate the successful (?) end to our special tourism year.

We welcome your views.

Another Multi-Lingual Sign

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We’d like to draw your attention (away from this lovely couple ūüôā ) to the large signboard in the background. Yes, it says ‘Tanjong Rambutan’ in 4 languages! Similar signboards are very hard to come by these days. I do wonder: is this particular signboard still there?

Incidentally, this picture was taken at the former TR railway station. Rumour has it this station will soon ‘disappear’ as Perak continues to develop……..sad but true ūüôĀ

Our Very Own ‘Elvis Presley’!

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We know him as Rocky Teoh – a Taiping-born lad who loved singing and entered many talent contests. Shown here is the front cover of his album, which features two of Rocky’s famous songs: ‘There’s Always Me’ and ‘Crying In The Chapel’. Rocky and the Fabulous Falcons have performed in Cathay Organisation Theatres throughout the country; they even toured Thailand back in 1965 too!

Has anyone seen Rocky and the Falcons perform LIVE? I’m sure these boys had their fair share of screaming fan-girls (and boys too?) ūüėČ

And to the members of the Falcons – we’d LOVE to hear from you!

A Facelift for an Old Lady

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Just look what happened yesterday! I passed by in the morning and only the top half was painted but by the time I got around to going back with my camera the FB site “All About Ipoh” had beaten me to it and posted this photograph.

I am sure the authors won’t mind me using their photo as thay are clearly just as dedicated to the grand old lady as we are.

By the way the aforementioned site has many more “Likes” than we do. It is time to remind all your FB friends about us. Don’t hang back – “Just Do IT!”

The ‘Hill Climb’

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The Perak Motor Club‘s history¬†goes back as early as 1907. The¬†popularity of the club¬†can be¬†owed to the “large numbers of European tin miners and rubber planters and the ubiquitous, wealthy, mining Towkays” in Perak – who ‘contributed’ to the vast number of motor cars in the state. This picture was taken during the Tapah/Cameron Highlands Time Trial, which was one of the many events organised by the club.

From the number plate (PK 6207), we can deduce that this was before the war. Note how the passenger leans out to the side as the driver takes the corner; this is done to balance the car as it turns.

Sometimes, the driver can’t really control his car…..as this second picture shows. (We hope both the driver¬†and his passenger escaped unharmed)

Such races did go on well after the war (you can read a little about Tom Wilson’s experience here). Does the Perak Motor Club still organise such events? Have YOU witnessed/taken part in any of these events? We’d like to hear your views ūüôā

These pictures are from Yeoh Lam Swee

Remember Her?

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To the alumni of NTPS Pasir Puteh: does this (picture below) ring a bell?

The lady seated in the front row is none other than the ‘elusive’ Mdm Chow. How many of you remember her? As SK (our donor) told us, Mdm Chow keeps a ‘low profile’. Nevertheless, I’m sure her students will always remember her dedication and patience in ‘shaping’ the future leaders. ūüôā

For Those Who Were Curious…

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Sometime ago, we featured a Unique Wedding photograph on our blog. Well, IpohBornKid has sent us a copy of the certificate from that wedding (see picture below).

IpohBornKid was also kind enough to give us rough translation too:

The long awaited sequel to the Wedding Photo is here.
In this marriage certain, the following translation is available.

R1 Mr Pun Su of Qing Yuan, Guangshou Province
R2 Aged 31 and date of birth details
R3 Miss Chong Ming Yet, Dapo, Guangzhou Province
R4 Aged 24 and date of birth details
R6 Organised by Mr Yang and Mr Qiu (pinyin)
R7 Date of Marriage ROC 32nd Year May 30th
R9 (top) Place of Marriage Zhong Hua Cinema (Menglembu)(pinyin)

L1 ROC 32nd Year May30
L2 Host of Marriage Mr Chong Soon Fan (father of the bride)
Mr Pun Choy (brother of the bridegroom)
L4 Witnesses
L5 Marriage Couple signatures

The answer name of the marriage couple, date of marriage and place of marriage were recorded.

We thank IpohBornKid ūüôā

Interior Decoration Ideas?

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This picture was taken back in the 1950s – around 1952/53. I wonder how many of our Readers out there remember this antique radio. Don’t forget the cabinet which this radio is sitting on! I’ve been to houses where such cabinets are still in use; also take note of those miniature liquor bottles too ūüôā

And what about that television set behind this lovely lady? Could it have been a PYE set? What other unique deco can you spot?


This is yet another gem from Huey Foo’s collection, which has been lent to us so generously. The lady in the picture is Huey Foo’s aunt who once lived at Pasir Puteh, Ipoh.

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