For Those Who Were Curious…

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Sometime ago, we featured a Unique Wedding photograph on our blog. Well, IpohBornKid has sent us a copy of the certificate from that wedding (see picture below).

IpohBornKid was also kind enough to give us rough translation too:

The long awaited sequel to the Wedding Photo is here.
In this marriage certain, the following translation is available.

R1 Mr Pun Su of Qing Yuan, Guangshou Province
R2 Aged 31 and date of birth details
R3 Miss Chong Ming Yet, Dapo, Guangzhou Province
R4 Aged 24 and date of birth details
R6 Organised by Mr Yang and Mr Qiu (pinyin)
R7 Date of Marriage ROC 32nd Year May 30th
R9 (top) Place of Marriage Zhong Hua Cinema (Menglembu)(pinyin)

L1 ROC 32nd Year May30
L2 Host of Marriage Mr Chong Soon Fan (father of the bride)
Mr Pun Choy (brother of the bridegroom)
L4 Witnesses
L5 Marriage Couple signatures

The answer name of the marriage couple, date of marriage and place of marriage were recorded.

We thank IpohBornKid 🙂