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Did you own a Brownie Reflex? Do you remember the very first camera you owned?

If you’re one of those who took up photography as a hobby, we’d love to hear from you too 🙂

  1. Ngai C O says:


    Not quite yet for me. I have not got round to it.

    I do have many photos taken over the years in spits and spurts; some years more than others. I have not taken a photo of myself for many years except with others in a group.

    Who knows, a spontaneous spur of interest may edge me on.

    Having said that , I did spend a bit in a Sony A7 with some lenses about three years ago. It is by and large in storage because I use my phone camera often for its convenience and in not having additional baggage for the sake of the better quality and the many extras it can handle.

    Thinking back of the Brownie which was the size of half a brick albeit much lighter a mere 60 years ago, anyone who owns a mobile phone, tablet or computer for that matter literally owns a camera too. The picture quality is tens of times better than the Brownie.

    The software that comes with how one wants the picture to look and the ability to do many other things with instant results are so convenient.

    That would suffice for my needs for now. If I do need that bit of extra close up detail, I use a Sony lens camera, which is convenient to carry about.

    As a kid, I used to borrow a Yashica SLR from a friend’s father. One had to focus from a pop up lens and there were a number of fiddly knobs to adjust for the refinement. The picture quality was very good though and I think it was in black and white.

    I bought a Kodak Instamatic in my twenties and from then on, owned a few low end ones just to take photos for the occasions. It included a JVC camcorder, which quickly went out of fashion when the SSD (solid state device) was introduced.

    The one camera that has always intrigued me till this day is the Hasselblad. All because it was used by the American space missions.

    I read that for a while, it used Sony’s platform with some external cosmetic changes and its branding.

    Just recently, a new model was in the news. It is more for the professional and the deep pocketed hobbyist with a price tag that could buy many lenses.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi felicia,

      I don’t know about ‘masterpieces’. I would send in some to Ipoh World in case it would help with its data base or use it as a talking point.

      I would soon be scanning old negatives spanning many years to digitise the photos taken at various locations in Ipoh. Ipoh World would certainly get a few like the old Ipoh Garden, the Japanese Garden of the 70’s etc.

      In addition, I plan to use my new toy to capture some scenes when I next return to Ipoh fairly soon.

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