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August 2016

‘Twist and Shout’ !!

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Untitled-1Courtesy of: Darren Teh

We thank Darren Teh for the above picture. He also shared the following with us via email:

I was staying in Greentown then and used to go to a classmate house in Fair Park where we all learn to dance the A Go-Go , The Shake and Off Beat Cha Cha! 

Darren also mentioned that the above album was from Charlie & His Go Go Boys.

So, we’d like to hear from the party-animals out there! Do you remember this band…or similar bands /albums…? 🙂


The Disappearing Act At The Railway Station…

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DSC_0747 The majestic view of the railway station has often left many of us in awe over the years and even more so today after the landscaping of the garden.

DSC_0752 Around the Ipoh tree are plaques that tells the story of Perak and its districts, upon closer inspection we found that most of these plaques are either damaged or have faded away over time.

DSC_0731The map of Perak pulling a ‘Houdini’

With most tourists utilizing the convenient and easy services of the ETS to come to Ipoh, we find these fading plaques worrying as nothing seems to have been done to maintain them. If you were a tourist, what would your impression be upon seeing this?

Meeting An Olympic Star!

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I don’t know if any of you remember this, but back in 1955 we had a visit from a famous Olympian – Jesse Owen!

20160820-015cpicture courtesy of: Dato Pu


Facing the camera, on the extreme left, is Mr Kandvanam. Next to him is Mr Bulwant Singh. Jesse Owen (winner of 4 gold medals at the 1936 Berlin Olympics) is the gentleman in the checkered shirt.

Lessons In Progress…

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CHIJ classroom

Convent Girls, do you recall what your classroom looked like? Well, this was a typical classroom at the Convent of the Holy Infant Jesus (or Main Convent) back in the late 1940s / early 1950s. We thank Marea Smith for sharing this nostalgic photograph with us. Looking forward to hearing from any CHIJ Alumni 🙂

Guess Guess Guess…

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Taiping 1955 (1) - blog 15 August 2016Picture courtesy of Tom Eadie

Here’s something to start your Monday engines, this is a picture of a sort of busy street taken in 1955. Take a wild guess where this could be, not the street but the place. I’ll give you a clue, it was named the capitol of Perak after the assassination of J. W. W. Birch, the British resident at the time.

Happy guessing! 😉

Guess The Object

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No, it’s not another racket (or racquet, if you prefer). What do you think it is?



STOP PRESS: We thank Ignatius Chiew for sending us these pictures – of a back beater!



This object has a rattan handle and round, vinyl ‘ball’ which is stuffed with cotton. The second picture is a closer view of the beater.


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20160702-004bpicture from: Rosemary Palmer

Remember the Home Guards? Here we have troop-in-training. The gentleman in white shorts is our donor’s father – M L Bernacchi. I’m sure some of you remember seeing the Home Guards on patrol, especially if you were one of those who lived in the New Villages during the Malayan Emergency.

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