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  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Yes, it’s a very pretty picture. Thanks for posting it, felicia, and thanks to Ann Kesselring Hamon for sharing it.

    I can’t recall just now who was Ipoh YMCA Secretary when this building was opened. Was it one of the Moreiras? Or perhaps Alex Goodall? Anyway, whoever it was, he used to obtain old movies from some unidentified source and, one night a week, screen them on a windowless wall in one of the larger rooms. No charge for members, but non-members attended and I don’t think they were charged anything, either.

    About that Secretary whose name escapes me … One of his successors posted this comment:


    If you are in touch with said commenter, perhaps you can ask if he remembers his predecessors’ names. (It’s not that important, obviously, unless you need the record for the database.)

    And for all I know, when he was Secretary said commenter himself may have screened movies in the evenings!

    After all, it was a popular thing for clubs to do in those days, before television came along and later videotapes, DVDs, and streaming via the Internet were all widely available.

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