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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow

picture from: Ann Kesselring Hamon

Yes, the building in the background is none other than the Veterinary Research Institute at Tiger Lane. Our donor estimates that this photo was taken around 1955. Have you been to this place? If so, do share your thoughts with us 🙂

  1. sk says:

    Didnt know there was a VRI at Tiger Lane. Thought that was the Geology Dept.
    The only Govt Vet clinic I know was at Falim just after the iron bridge on the right hand side if you are coming from Ipoh town.
    Is the building still there or is there an old picture of that building ?
    Use to send my shaggy dog there for tagging on the ear. Too young to know what the tagging was. It was a requirement by the Govt.
    Do they still do that now ? Tagging or tattooing on the inside top of the ear. I remember the dog shook its head when the tagging was done.
    Spaying & Neutering were also done here.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi sk,

      It is opposite STAR and the scout camp where you did your stint.

      One could wonder the grounds freely up to the early 80’s when it was fenced up.

      There were certainly animals like hens, goats, cows and horses in their pens in the 60s right through the 70s.

      I think it is more noticeable on Dairy Road where the scout camp is situated.

      The Mines Research Institute and the Geological Survey Dept. are further down along Tiger Lane towards Tambun Road.

  2. sk says:

    Thanks Ngai CO for the insight. Wow, you remembered my scout stint which I wrote in a long time ago.
    I didnt even know anyone can remember what I wrote 🙂
    I didnt actually find out what bulidings were opposite STAR
    except the Geology Dept which had me wrong until you corrected me.

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