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Remember this school? It started out as a primary branch of ACS.

The building is still there today, in Canning Garden.

You may know it as SK Ho Seng Ong Methodist.

  1. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Yes, I remember. This branch was opened in late ’64. Both girls and boys were enrolled, if memory serves.

    And speaking of boys: Ho Seng Ong wore his hair in a traditional Chinese queue until he was a teenager. It was Bill Horley himself who convinced him to cut it off.

    It doesn’t take many leaps back to reach pre-historical times!

  2. S.Y. says:

    I don’t remember SK Ho Seng Ong Methodist being a primary branch of ACS. I may be wrong but as far as I remember, ACS Primary School was always at the back the Secondary School and there was no branch.

  3. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Yes, first came a combined (primary and secondary) school, originally in an old house where the State Mosque is today and then in what is now the Wesley Methodist Church building. In 1914 came the large building closer to Lahat Road, nowadays used by the secondary school.

    In late 1964 came this branch primary school in Canning Garden. It soon became a separate school and was re-named for Ho Seng Ong, so most people likely wouldn’t remember that it was originally a branch.

  4. Ipoh Remembered says:

    About this line in the post:

    It started out as the primary branch of ACS.

    It was a branch, not the branch.

    The main ACS primary school has been in the Lahat Road complex since 1896. When it became seriously over-crowded in the late ’50s and early ’60s, two branch primary schools were built, one in Tanjong Rambutan (1960) and another in Ipoh (1964).

    For the branch in Ipoh, the still-new Canning Garden housing estate was chosen as the location because that was the part of town where many new homes were being built. (The Ipoh Garden housing estate sprang up soon after Canning Garden.)

    The two branch primary schools quickly became independent: the one in Tanjong Rambutan in 1966 and the one in Canning Garden in 1970.

  5. Ngai C O says:


    Ho Seng Onn and SMJK Methodist Tanjung Rambutan were part of the Methodist Schools just like ACS Kampar.

    They were connected in that sense.

    These two schools were never branches of ACS Ipoh.

    I knew the first head teacher of Ho Seng Onn as a former primary school teacher at ACS Ipoh.

    He was also a self taught magician, who used to take part in events.

  6. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear Ngai C O

    So good to hear from you again!

    About that magician: Are you thinking of Samuel Seow, by any chance? I never knew him but have heard of him.

    And yes, the two primary schools I mentioned did, in fact, begin as branches of ACS Ipoh, which raised much of the money to build them. Each one remained as a branch for six years. I’ve sent the ipohWorld folk a document written by Teerath Ram that confirms.

    • Ngai C O says:

      Hi Ipoh Remembered,

      Yes, the magician was Samuel Seow.

      Thanks for clarifying the confusion.

      Can the document that you sent to Ipoh World be published?

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        What I sent is a simple PDF file with two excerpts from Teerath Ram’s 1970 Annual Report. His report was never meant to be a personal document and I doubt there are any copyright problems — after all, the two excerpts are very short — so perhaps the PDF file can be entered into the database.

      • Ipoh Remembered says:

        Dear Ngai C O

        A link to the PDF file appears to now be available on this page:


  7. sk says:

    Hi Ipoh Remembered & Ngai C O,

    Something wrong with my browser. Link doesnt work.
    Seems I got problem with some of Ipoh Remembered links.
    Its OK. No Issue.
    Thanks –

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear sk … Most of my links are coded. Clicking on them will not work. For each one, you can copy the text of it and paste it into your web-browser’s “address bar,” then hit the “Return” key.

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