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Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow
  1. sk says:

    Thank you Ipohworld for featuring this 51 year old Scout badge of mine. It was kept in a treasure Box. A friend in USA informed me about this article yesterday night when I was fast asleep. I wonder if the badge of today is still the same.
    There was a Scout song we sang :- Be Prepared Be Prepared – Tenderfoot, Second Class First Class Scout in our camp fire night in Herslet Camp.

  2. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Thank you, sk, for sharing the badge!

    As you know, the scout camp was discussed recently:


  3. sk says:

    Thank you, Ipoh Remembered,
    Yes, I remembered the article was shared in previous exchanges with Ngai CO.
    I compared the current Scout Badge. The current one has dropped ” Be Prepared & Boy Scout” and replaced by ” Pengakap with a Crescent & Stars to denote more Malaysianised. Both retained the initial B – presumably by founder Robert Baden -Powell. There were some colour changes. I also found out there are Sea & Air Scouts which I did not know during my time. Air Scout ? – I dont know what would be the entry requirement. During my school days, I always imagined myself to be a Top Notch Fighter Pilot like Tom Cruise in Top Gun 🙂

  4. sk says:

    Incidentally, Be Prepared reminded me of our Malaysian Police Badge ” Bersedia Berkhimat” ( Ready To Serve ) with 2 shaking hands badge. I dont seem to see them wearing anymore. It was worn on the left arm of the police uniform.

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