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    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      As usual, Ken Chan is right!

      The photograph shows the bar and café at the (post-war) Rex Theatre on Anderson Road. This cool and refreshing space was located immediately above the theatre’s front entrance. Notice the glass louvres on the left side. If you look at the photograph on this ipohWorld page:


      above the entrance you will see those same glass louvres (nine vertical banks of them).

      I presume the Rex building is still there today. What came before it, on the same spot, was the Isis Theatre, which did not survive the Japanese occupation.

  1. felicia says:

    Hi there Ken Chan & Ipoh Remembered.

    While the both of you mentioned Rex Cinema, our donor named this as Lido.
    At a second glance (especially when the louvres were mentioned) I couldn’t help but agree with the both of you. 🙂

    • Ipoh Remembered says:

      Dear felicia

      While this space was enjoyable enough, it’s not that I spent all that much time in it, but I remember the louvres especially because the evening sun came in through them — and if one was sitting there enjoying a pahit in the company of a friend, the light and shadow made some beautiful (and now haunting) memories.

  2. felicia says:

    Ipoh Remembered,
    I don’t mean to pry…but would this pahit refer to a pint of Guinness or something stronger? hehehehe…… 😉

  3. homesickforipoh says:

    Hi Felicia and others,

    Thank god my guess of the upstairs of Lido theatre is correct.

    The reasons I guessed it is Lido are:

    – the upstairs of Rex have the pillars on the wall where the windows are and so
    do the upstairs of all theatres in Ipoh ECEPT CATHAY and LIDO.

    – For both Cathay and Lido, the upstairs lobby pillars are about 5 or 6 feet from
    the wall where the windows are. From the outside of the building, you can see
    the pillars from the wall of the downstairs lobby.

    The floor of the upstairs lobby protrude from the lobby walls about 5 or 6 feet
    thus creating a verandah on the corridor.

    The pillars at Cathay are roundish. This pillars at Lido are also roundish
    on the downstairs lobby but the upstair are not fully round and look more
    like the picture.

    The furniture on the upstairs lobby are cushioned chairs whereas Lido
    does not have cushioned chairs.

    The windows for the upstairs of Cathay are horizontal glass louvres design.
    The windows for the upstairs of Lido were once horizontal glass louvres design
    but later changed to frosted solid glass.

    The spaces between the windows are about half inch wide at both theatres
    but at Rex, those windows are like at least 6 inches apart.

    Also, Rex probably has like 11 windows whereas Cathay has 18 windows and
    Lido has 20 windows.

    In the picture, if it were Cathay, there would be a dual glass door entrance on
    the right hand side of the picture whereas Lido would have the bathrooms
    on the right hand side.

    Perhaps the furniture as changed but my conclussion is definiteyl Lido.

  4. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Oh, I wouldn’t call that prying!

    A pahit was a very popular drink made from gin and bitters (usually Angostura). Vast quantities of it were drunk all over Malaya. Some said it aided digestion and kept malaria at bay. Most just drank it!

    Here’s how the bar-man at the Ipoh Club used to make it: four parts gin and one part bitters on ice; shake until liquid is cold; strain liquid into a frozen cocktail glass and serve.

    If you’ve had a “pink gin,” you can see that pahits were similar but with a lot more bitters added — hence the name.

  5. Ipoh Remembered says:

    Dear homesickforipoh

    Glad you’re back! I always look forward to seeing what you have to say.

    So are we looking here at the Lido or the Rex?

    In the photograph above, take a look at how the circular pillars are tiled in a “spiral” pattern, and then look at the pillars you see outside the Rex:


    It may be difficult to tell but if you look closely at the right-most visible pillar, you can see that it’s circular and tiled in the same “spiral” pattern. And perhaps you can also see that the pillars are several feet in from the overhanging (or to use your word, protruding) front of the building, just as you would expect from the photograph above.

    Meanwhile, here is an ipohWorld photograph of the Lido:


    Not only are these pillars at the Lido different from those shown above, you can also see that the glass louvres are framed in a different way, without the use of concrete fins on either side of each vertical bank.


    One thing I don’t know about the photograph felicia posted above is when it was taken. Perhaps Ruth knows and will tell us.

  6. HomesickforIpoh says:


    I do not have time to debate over this. I will rest my case with my
    explanantion below and leave it that we agree to disagree.

    First, Felicia did confirm from the donor Ruth that it is indeed Lido as cut and
    pasted below from her remarks abov.

    ===cut and pasted from Felicia’s remarks above===
    “Hi there Ken Chan & Ipoh Remembered.

    While the both of you mentioned Rex Cinema, our donor named this as Lido.
    At a second glance (especially when the louvres were mentioned) I couldn’t help but agree with the both of you.”
    ====end cut and paste.

    Second, the url you showed is the exterior of both theatres and not the upstairs interior.

    I am talking about the “interior” of the upstairs. I know all 3 theatres (Cathay,
    Lido and Rex) intimately well because I have the floorplans that I had sent
    to Ian a while back.

    I got the floor plan directly fron Shaw and Cathay as I once contemplated
    on buying either Lido or Cathay for historic presevation.

    There are indeed metal fins separating the window. For Cathay and Lido,
    the fins are like 4 or 5 inches thick. At Rex, those fins are thicker as
    seen from the outside photo.

    Anyway, all 3 theatres have undergone interior changes to the interior.
    We on this forum are here to share memories of the past and not to argue
    or debate over such things.

    Maybe Ian should not have thrown out such quizes to incite guesswork and

    I rest my case.

  7. Your Fair Lady says:

    Hi Ipoh Remembered,

    If Felicia has said that the donor has confirmed it is Lido, then I believe homesickforipoh guessed it right.

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