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May 2019


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Anyone here a fan of spelunking? Hmm…maybe I’ve lost you guys for a minute 😉

Spelunking is the exploration of caves, especially as a hobby. So, back to the question in hand; anyone here been spelunking before? If so, have you come across this cave (picture below)? This place is somewhere in Ipoh, by the way…

Award for a Brave Girl

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Remember the time (back in school) when you received an award for excellent exam results? I remember getting an award for good PMR results (though I can’t recall what the prize was).

Well, back in 1947 Dawn Kathigasu received an award for bravery! The gentleman beside her is Mr A. Aston (British Resident Commissioner for Perak).


What became of the Pedestrian Mall?

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This news article (dated 10 June 1985) reported that the Ipoh Municipal Council planned to turn a length of Jalan Osborne into a pedestrian mall temporarily for three months. The mall will be a permanent feature only if there is not much objection from the traders. If made into a permanent feature, the mall will be re-surfaced with multi-coloured tiles.

Hmm….does anyone remember this plan taking form? Could this be the same area where the present “Gerbang Malam” is?

“To Sir with Love”

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No, we’re not talking about the movie 😉 We’re actually dedicating today’s post to a well-known and well-loved educator. I’m sure most of you will recognise him from the photograph. 

Happy belated Teacher’s Day…to ALL those dedicated men and women who made us who we are today!

13th May 1948

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On this date, in 1948, the movie “The Boy with Green Hair” played at Ruby in Ipoh. Anyone watched this movie? Did Peter’s hair turn back to its original colour?


UPDATE: The year is in fact 1949, not 1948 as stated. 13th May back in 1948 was a Thursday, not a Friday; hence, with reference to the above movie poster the year should be 1949 instead.

A Protest in Grik

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Where were you in May 1974? Do you remember an incident, whereby a hundred members of the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) guerillas gathered and planted explosives which blew up earth-moving equipment along the East-West Highway at Grik, North Perak? Well, we’re not going to show you some graphic photos of what happened; instead, we have one of a protest which was held the following month…

Do You Recognize Them?

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photo courtesy of Mike Wild

The photograph in this post was likely taken in 1956 at the wedding of James (Jim) Gardner, a rubber planter and Joan Marjorie Joseph (3rd and 4th from left). Mike Wild, who is the son-in-law of James wrote to us in April wanting to know if anyone could recognize the caucasian man at the far right, who was the Best man from his father-in-law’s wedding.

Do write to us if you recognize the man or the caucasian lady (2nd from left) in this photograph.

Ipoh declared a Municipality

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Did you know that Ipoh was declared a municipality back in 1962? And, that the official declaration of Ipoh’s status as a Municipality was officiated by the Sultan of Perak on the 31st May 1962, on the Ipoh Padang?

Well, now you know 😉 Here’s a picture (from Mohd Taib) showing an archway decorated to celebrate the occasion.


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