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August 2019

The year was 1957…

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…when Lido Theatre had its grand opening. Thanks to Hong Soon Keong, we have here a photograph taken outside the cinema before the opening. It shows the Band of the 1st Battalion, The Royal Lincolnshire Regiment of Taiping by the kind permission of the Commanding Officer, Lt Col S G Doulson performing outside the Lido Theatre.

74 years ago…

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74 years ago, in 1945, the Allied Forces won the Second World War (WW II). Although not taken in Ipoh, this first page  of The Illustrated London News shows the The King and The Queen of England, with their princesses, acknowledging the cheers of their people on the afternoon of victory day. Can you believe it’s been 74 years since WW II ended? :O

Merdeka Day at Selaba Estate

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Being the month of August, we shall continue with some Merdeka/Independence Day memories.

We thank Alison Cotterill for this photograph. This was taken at the Oil Palm Estate in Selaba, Teluk Anson. According to Alison, the photograph was taken back in 1957.

Merdeka Tournaments

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These are the Champions and the Runners-up, the Yoke Hong Blue and Yellow teams, of the Perak Table Tennis Merdeka Trophy Tournament. The photo was taken on 22nd September 1957. Were there other such tournaments held in conjunction with Malaysia’s Independence Day?

Merdeka Clock Towers

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There are many clock towers in and around the state of Perak. According to the above article from Vicinity Perak, Perak is home to three clock towers which were constructed to commemorate Independence Day. Where are these clock towers you say? Well, they can be found in Kampar (built in 1957), Parit (1959) and Sungai Siput (1960).

How many have YOU visited?

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