Wanna start the year 2020 with a bang ? Sharpened Word may have the right topic for you !

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On the second Saturday of January the SW team is proud to bring Zilkif;ee SM Anwar Ujhaque to Ipoh.
If you are nor sure who is he, His ardent fans simply call him ZUNAR. By this, we don’t need to give a big
introduction to our guest. His works  are well loved by the raykat they revealed exactly what readers felt,
albeit cheeky!
Well, the storm has passed, but will Zunar stop ? Let’s  come to 22 Hale Street and find out. There will be a book 
sales by MPH Bookstore and an autograph opportunity  at the end of the mind-boggling session.
Hope to see you there !
Salaam Pak Peter, “Art for Art’s sake”