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Zunar’s session in January was just as exhilarating and we have a full crowd to  start the new year.
Taking about star power ! Not to be outdone, our theme for February will be equally exciting i.e. Local Animation.
Sharpened Word is proud to bring in the creator and director of the multi-award winning short animation movie BATIK GIRL , Irwan Junaidy, to Ipoh to share his experience and journey with us. The 9 minute animation has certainly created a lot of publicity since launch last year and received rave reviews, not to mention that the animation has been shortlisted in multi film festivals across the globe. 
And to add icing on the cake, Hassan Muthalib, Malaysia’s Father of Animation, will join us as the other panelist and both  of them will go the whole nine yards and give us an overall view of the local animation industry.
It will be interesting to hear their respective takes on the evolution and development of the local animation industry as both of them come from a different era of visual story creation, with the more senior Pak Hassan now establishing himself as an renowned movie historian and reviewer.
This is a session especially suited for those who are keen to get involved in the industry and those who want to know more about animation. Again,the topic will be centered on storytelling and creativity, or perhaps creative storytelling?