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June 2021

The Straits Trading Company

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The Straits Trading Company (STC) was established in 1886 by two partners, James Sword of Glasgow, Scotland and Hermann Muhlinghaus an entrepreneur from Wiesbaden, Germany. The partnership was formed to set up a tin smelting business in Malaya to meet the obvious demand for a large and efficient smelting business to replace all the small, inefficient smelters in use at that time. The partnership evolved successfully to become one of the largest tin smelters in the world. To raise capital for expanding the business, The Straits Trading Company Limited was incorporated in Singapore on 8 November 1887 with an initial capital of S$150,000. Their first smelting shed was in Telok Anson (now Teluk Intan), previously owned by the Shanghai Tin Mining Company….(read more here)

This picture shows the Straits Trading Company office building in Kampar, Perak. Is the building still around? Or, maybe it’s been converted into something else?

Kinta Ice Works

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Here’s a picture of Kinta Ice Works, probably taken around 1905. Shaik Adam (the founder of Kinta Aerated Water Factory of Taiping, Kampar and Ipoh) established the Kinta Ice Works. This establishment boasted a large plant which churned out tons of ice daily. It was managed by Ted Hodges, brother of the Perak district surveyor.

“everlasting peace”

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We have here a 1987 article about how Taiping got its name. Special thanks to our donor Lim Bor Seng.

According to the article, Taiping was established in 1874 after the end of the Larut War which marked peace between the mining groups at war – the Hai San warriors (led by Capitan Chung Ah Kwee a.k.a. Chung Keng Kwee) and the Ghee Hins (led by Capitan Chin Ah Yam). The name means “Everlasting Peace” in Cantonese.

Anyone here with a memory (or two, or more) of Taiping? We’d love to hear from you 🙂

“seated in style”

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Here’s another picture from a magazine. This was taken during the Triumph Owner’s Club AGM, back in 1966. The meeting was held at the Century Motors Ltd Showroom in Ipoh. Do you recognise anyone here? Guests aside, what really caught my eye were the chairs; they don’t make chairs like these anymore, do they?

“pulling a stunt”

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This photo was taken during the 1980 HRH Sultan of Perak’s Castrol-TOC Motorkhana. The ‘stuntman’ is none other than Adrian Boudville, who drove his Citroen BLINDFOLDED!

For those who a suffering from boredom during this MCO, PLEASE DO NOT try this.

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